Mehndi Design for Special Occasions

Mehndi Design for Special Occasions

Are you curious about the Mehndi design for Special occasions? Mehndi plays an important role for the females when they must attend a function. It is considered mandatory to apply Mehndi’s designs on the hands and feet during the preparation of an event. There are many occasions that you have to attend. So, you need to prepare for the function correctly. Henna is special in women’s lives, especially in South Asian countries. Each country has particular styles of henna that represent their cultures. 

If we talk about Pakistan and India, Mehndi is one of the compulsory things for any cultural, regional, or religious events. At the same time, Indian and Pakistani weddings are incomplete without mehndi. Along with the bride, all other family members and friends apply Henna designs on their hands or feet. However, bridal mehendi designs for full hands are special. 

In Pakistan, there are many events on which you can apply Mehndi. Some of the events are religious, some traditional, and some cultural. Other than Muslims, there are minorities of different religions living in Pakistan, and they have the freedom to celebrate their occasions. So, here we will cover some events you can attend in Pakistan and which type of Mehdi Design you can apply for. So let us start our topic and discuss Mehndi Designs for Special Occasions.

Mehndi Designs for Events

As mentioned above, there are many events/occasions for which you can choose a mehndi design and apply it on your hands or feet. If you want to check the Mehndi design for hands and feet, we have an article on our website that you can check. However, here you will get information about the Mehndi design for special occasions; however, you will get the details about that design from here.

Mehndi Designs for Eid-ul-Fitr

Mehndi Designs for Eid

Eid-ul-Fitr is a Muslim religious festival that Muslims celebrate with great joy. Eid is a blessing of Allah on Muslims, so they spend this auspicious event happily by prying and thanking Allah. Before Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims fast for a month and pray for their forgiveness.

To celebrate Eid, Muslim men and women wear new clothes. However, females also apply simple mehndi designs on their hands and feet. Usually, females choose minimal mehndi designs for Eid. However, some women who love Mehndi go with the detailed or Arm length Mehndi designs.

Mehndi for Weddings

Mehndi deisgns for wedding

If you are going to attend a wedding as a guest, you can apply some simple yet beautiful Mehndi designs. So, you can choose different mehndi designs such as Mandalas, mirrors, and jewelry mehndi designs. At the same time, bridal mehndi is unique with different designs. A bride can choose many designs for her big day, such as Indian bridal mehndi, Pakistani Bridal Mehndi, portrait Mehndi designs, etc. However, some brides prefer simple mehndi designs over full-length mehndi. Besides that, bridal Mendhi is not only for the hands, but they also put some mehndi designs on their feet. Applying Mehndi is one of the ways to celebrate happiness, and it is also considered fortunate to apply Mehndi on the brides.

Mehndi Designs for Family Functions

Mehandi-Designs for Family Functions

You can choose some simple and elegant mehndi designs if you have family functions.  Mostly, family functions are casual, and you don’t need to apply mehndi, but if you want to have some colors on your hands, you can apply them for your happiness. However, it is suggested that choosing simple and beautiful designs, such as minimal jewelry or subtle  Mehdi designs, would be the best options for family functions and gatherings. 

Mehndi Designs for Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Mehndi Design

As we know, in Pakistan, the Hindu community alo lives, and they have the right to celebrate their occasions freely. So, in the Hindu culture, there is an event, Karwa Chauth. This event is special for them as wives fast the whole day to their husbands on this day and pray for their long lives and prosperity. So, to make this day special, Hindu women dress up nicely, wear some beautiful jewelry, and put on make-up. However, applying mehndi on their hands and feet is also a part of their preparations. 

So, for the Karwa Chauth, you can apply different designs on your hands that show your love for your husband. For example, you can write love quotes between your mehndi designs to convert your love. However, you can choose simple mehndi designs if you want a minimal look. 


Here, we have covered the mehndi design for special occasions. So, you can choose any of them according to your choice. However, we already have articles on our website about the mehndi designs with great detail. So, here we give you information about the special events and which type of mehndi designs you can choose. So you can visit our website or the links above to get further details about Mehndi designs that you will surely love to know. 

Applying Mehndi on your hands or feet is an emotion you can deliver through different designs. Henna has great cultural importance. It is not only used for the hands and feet, but due to its cooling effect, people also apply it to their hair, especially in Summer. So, it is a natural hair dye. 

There are Mehndi in the market that contains some artificial colors to give you instant color. It saves a lot of time, but artificial colors can damage your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin. If we talk about the natural Mehndi/henna, it is very safe to use without any harmful effects. However, it takes a long time to leave color on your skin. Now, there are some Mehndi brands that claim to provide you with organic Mehndi. As organic mehndi requires time to extract its color, with the wait, you can use some homemade remedies/tips for the deeper color for a long time. So, if you want to know some easy remedies, you can visit our website (Be in The Fashion), as we have a detailed article in which we mention various ingredients and methods to use for the darker mehndi color. So, check the website and get a lot of information. However, you can also contact us for your suggestions and constructive feedback. 



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