How to Style a Trench Coat in 6 Ways

How to Style a Trench Coat in 6 Ways

Are you looking for ideas to style your trench coat to get a trendy look? Here we will share the different ways to style the trench coats that will help you in slaying. So, through this article, you will get to know How to Style a Trench Coat in different ways. Coats are of different types used as top layering for protection. However, here we will discuss the trench coats in detail that could be used as a raincoat but in a classy way. However, if you are still a bit confused, remember that trench coats and overcoats are different from each other due to a few aspects. Below, we have mentioned the difference between trench coats and overcoats for your clarity. However, this article is on trench coats, so we have focused on that and tried to provide various ideas to style the Trench coat. Thus, read the article carefully. 

Trench Coats

Classic Trench Coat

You will be amazed to know that trench coats were made for the British military but due to their classy look, they entered into the fashion Industry. Trench coats are designed in a way that they have a double-breasted front, a storm flap, and a waist belt. It is designed in this way so that these coats can provide protection in rainy and stormy weather. 

With the passage of time, trench coats were used in the fashion industry and modified into modern trends. You can wear trench coats over casual to formal dresses. For modern trench coats, breathable material is used to make them such as cotton, cotton mixes, etc. However, modern trench coats are lightweight and waterproof so they can keep you dry and warm in both fall and spring seasons. 

Types of Trench Coats

Trench coats are basically used for protection against rainy or windy weather, but they come in different designs. Fashion designers design them in various styles so you can choose any style according to your choice. However, below, we have discussed the different designs and styles of trench coats.

  • Classic Trench Coats
  • Double-breasted Trench Coats
  • Leather Trench Coats
  • Short trench Coats

Classic Trench Coats

It is the most recognizable style among the trench coats having a double-breasted front, a waist belt, and a storm flap. These coats are also known as Burberry trench coats, made up of cotton or cotton blend material that makes them breathable and the best option to wear in fall and spring weather. 

Double-Breasted Trench Coats

Double-breasted Trench coats are different from the classic ones as they have double rows of buttons in front. These types of trench coats not only provide extra protection but are also the best choice to wear on the dresses for a formal look. 

Leather Trench Coats

Leather Trench Coats

For those who want a modern and trendy look with trench coats, leather trench coats will be best for them. The best quality leather increases the durability of the coat and also gives a distinct look to the overall appearance. So, by wearing the leather trench coats, you will get a statement look and they are also best for chilly weather. 

Short Trench Coats

Usually, classic trench coats have long lengths till the ankles, but trench coats are also available in short lengths, over the knee for the modern look. However, the short trench coats have the same design as the classic trench coats but with less length. So, you can wear these kinds of coats in the summer season. 

How Trench Coats differ from Overcoats

For those who are confused between Trench coats and overcoats, then you will get the answer. Below, we have provided some comparisons through which you will know the difference between trench coats and overcoats.

  • Trench coats are basically, made up of breathable, lightweight, and un-insulated Fabric. While, overcoats are heavier, and made up of insulated fabric to provide protection.
  • Trench coats provide protection from rainy and windy weather; however, overcoats provide protection against cold weather by keeping the body warm.
  • Trench coats are wearable in the spring and fall seasons. In contrast, overcoats are for the winter, chilly weather.
  • Trench coats have a double-breasted front with a waist belt. On the other hand, overcoats could be single/double-breasted with a large collar. 

6 Ways to Style a Trench Coat

Till now, we have discussed trench coats, their different types/styles, and how they are different from overcoats. Now, we will discuss the different ways to style a trench coat over casual and formal dresses. 

  1. Trench coat with Jeans and T-shirt
  2. Trench Coat with Black Dress & Heels
  3. Hoodie and Trainers (Shoes) with Trench Coat
  4. Trench Coat with wide-legged pants & bodysuit
  5. Trench Coat with all Denim
  6. Ribbed Jumper, Leggings & ankle Boots with Trench Coat

Trench coat with Jeans and T-shirt

For the casual, everyday look, you can wear a trench coat over the T-shirt and your favorite jeans. This could be a perfect casual outfit to wear in the spring season. However, for a complete look, you can go with sneakers and enjoy the day with some comfort. 

Trench Coat with Black Dress & Heels

Yes, you can wear a trench coat over the dresses when going out for some evening parties. For the perfect look, try to choose a stylish leather trench coat, and wear it on a black dress. However, for the perfect party look, wear some beautiful heels and enjoy your evening. 

Hoodie and Trainers (Shoes) with Trench Coat

According to the trendy 2X2 formula for clothes on social media, you have to choose 04 clothing items, 02 casual and two formal/smart. So, keeping that rule in mind, you can choose a trench coat and leather trousers (smart/dressier pieces) & a Hoodie and Trainers (casual piece), and dress them up together for the perfect balance. 

Trench Coat with wide-legged pants & bodysuit

If you want to stay in shape, you can wear a bodysuit outfit with wide-legged pants and your favorite trench coat on the top. However, you can also choose cargo pants or trousers instead of wide-legged pants if you want.

Trench Coat with all Denim

Trench Coat with all denim

If you want to get an all denim look with a trench coat, surely can. You can wear a denim shirt and pants and a trench coat on the top for the perfect look. However, if you want to add some accessories such as a shoulder bag, or any small piece of jewelry with it, you can. However, it will create a great look. 

Ribbed Jumper, Leggings & ankle Boots with Trench Coat

If you want to wear a trench coat in winter, make sure to have a warm layering beneath the trench coat and a leather trench coat will be the best option. So, wear a zip-up ribbed jumper with leggings and ankle boots. However, for some extra coziness, wrap a woolen scarf around the neck. Wear a trench coat on the coat and you are ready to slay a winter day. 


Coats are always in trend as they bring a sophisticated touch to your casual and formal look. So, you can wear trench coats in any season to give you style and protection. The best weather to wear trench coats are fall and spring seasons. However, you can wear them in winter with some warm layer beneath it. The purpose of the trench coats is to protect you from rainy and stormy weather. Above we have explained the designs and style of the trench coats. At the same time, the article also covered the different ways to style trench coats. So, if you want to dress up yourself with a trench coat, you will get many ideas from here for a trendy look. However, you can contact us or visit our website,, for updates about all the latest fashion trends and how to adopt them. We have complete guidelines for you on different fashion trends. 



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