Are Hoop Earrings in Style?

Are Hoop Earrings in Style

Are you curious about the trend of Hoop earrings in 2024 and wondering if Are Hoop Earrings in Style or not? So, here we are happy to inform you that Hoop earrings are still in style and look very beautiful. There are a lot of designs and styles for the hoop earrings that are available in different sizes. 

There are many kinds of jewelry and women love to buy and wear them on different occasions. But now here we will talk about the different types of Hoop earrings and how to wear them on different occasions gracefully. At the same time, you will also get some relevant information about the hoop Earrings in style through this article. 

Accessories have the power to elevate the whole vibe of the outfit and your, it is very important to choose the right piece to achieve the perfect look according to the event. There are a lot of varieties available in the Hoop earring from soft, delicate pieces to bold and statement designs. All we need is to choose them wisely. Now, let’s start our discussion on the Hoop earrings, their trend, and different styles. 

What are Hoop Earrings?

Hoop Earrings are one of the styles of earrings that are available in circular or semi-circular shapes. However, shapes and designs vary and could be made up of different metals such as gold, and silver. you can choose different gemstones, pearls, etc making them more attractive and fascinating. At the same time, these are also available in artificial (fashion) and semi-fine Jewelry.

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Hoop Earring in Fashion

Hoop earrings are back in fashion and the trend will stay in 2024. However, everyone loves to wear them in different sizes and shapes. These are versatile pieces of jewelry that add a touch of elegance to the personality and elevate the beauty of any outfit. Women who love to wear jewelry could have a lot of collections of earrings including hoop earrings in different styles. We can say that Hoop earrings are versatile and timeless jewelry that could act as a wardrobe staple. 

When we talk about the Hoop earrings, we can’t limit them to a specific age and events. It means that women of all ages wear them without any hesitation. However, the size depends on the choice of everyone. So, for daily use, you can wear small sizes and simple hoop earrings while,  for some events, you can choose any size and design according to your dress and liking. 

Trendy Sizes of Hoop Earrings: Small or Big

Hoop earrings are in trend this year, so you can wear any of the sizes of your choice. You must select the size according to the nature of the occasion. For example, the large sizes of hoop earrings are usually for events and parties, and the small sizes are for everyday looks. So the things you should keep in mind while choosing the size of Hoop earrings should be your face shape, nature of the event, and most importantly your comfort zone. Always try those things that give you comfort so that you can enjoy them with confidence. For your assistance, below, we have provided brief guidance regarding choosing the earring according to face shape, so read that to understand. 

Standard sizes of Hoop Earrings for daily use

If you want to wear hoop earrings for daily use, you should choose small-sized earrings. However, medium size is also acceptable for daily use as it also doesn’t look odd. In other words, the ideal size for daily use could be 0.5-1.5 inches in diameter. You can wear these sizes all day long without going overboard, but these small earrings will help in elevating your outfits beautifully. 

Hoop Earring According to Face Shape

It is important to understand and consider your face shape while choosing hoop earrings. Everyone has a different face-cut and the shapes and sizes of the earrings also vary for each shape. So, below, we have provided short and brief guidelines on choosing the perfect Hoop earrings according to the face shapes.

    • Oval face: For the oval face shape people, any style and size of the Hoop earring works. So, they are lucky as any style of earring suits them. However, elongated earrings look more beautiful on the oval face cut.
    • Round face: People having Round face shape should avoid big hoop earrings as they can overemphasize the face’s circular shape. However, if you want to wear some, you can try small-sized Hoop earrings around 30mm or less in diameter. At the same time, the earrings with elongated shapes will work on a round face as they will create an illusion. 
    • Square face: For the Square face, the circular shape of earrings works magic as it helps in softening the sharp angles of the face. So, big and oversized hoop earrings look beautiful on the square face cut. People with this face cut should avoid earrings with sharp angles such as triangles, squares, etc.
    • Heart-shaped Face: People having a heart-shaped face have some delicate features such as a broader forehead, wide cheekbones, narrow jawline, chin tapering down the face and round at the bottom. So, small or medium-sized hoop earrings can complement this face shape. 
  • Diamond-Shaped Face: Individuals with a diamond-shaped face have wider cheekbones compared to the forehead and chin. So, small to medium-sized hoop earrings will help balance out the angle of the cheekbones. 

Types Hoop Earring Closure

Hoop earrings have different types of closures according to the size, shape, and weight. You need to understand the types of earring closures and then choose them. Below, we have provided brief information about the different types of Hoop earring closures.

  • Latch Back

This type of closure is common in hoop earrings as they have a hinged pin at the back. It is also called lever back closure. To secure the earrings, you have to put some pressure on the lock. You will listen to a click sound which means your earring has been closed and secured.

  • Hinged Snap Closure

This kind of earring closure is mostly used in small hoops or huggies. Hinged snap closures are also known as saddleback or hinged snapback closures. Hinged back earrings have a hinged post that snaps into a groove at the back.

  • Post Back/Push Back Closure

These are the most common and secure type of earring closures also known as butterfly backs. The earrings will be comfortable to the ear, and easy to wear. So, most of the earrings have post-back backings.

  • Clip-On

The earring with the Clip-On Closure closes on the earlobe. So, these are the best options for those who don’t have ear piercings but love to wear earrings. The Clips or clamps fit on the earlobe holding the jewelry properly. However, this is not too secure as you have to keep checking the earrings.

  • Fish/Shepherd Hook Closure

The main two advantages of earrings with this backing are they are comfortable and you can wear them within a few seconds. The earring has a long wire that loops through the piercing and hangs behind the earlobe. Due to the longer length of the wire and its shape, there is no need for extra locks for security. However, these earrings have a risk of slipping if caught in something like a scarf or clothes. 

Importance of Choosing Hoop Earring Closure Wisely?

Above, we have shared the different kinds of earring closures in detail. Now, we have to tell you why it is important to know about the earring backing/closures. So, read them and keep those informative details in mind while purchasing an earring for yourself or others as a gift.

  • You should check the closure for the large or heavy earrings and choose the most secure and comfortable one. It will prevent your ears from pain and you can enjoy your event. So, the 1st thing you must do is check the design and weight of the earrings.
  • Comfort is everything. Choose an earring with a backing that is secure and easy to wear without squeezing or putting pressure on your earlobes.
  • If you are in a hurry and have to reach somewhere, then the best option will be those earrings that you can wear and secure within no time. So, you can consider the earring with the closure that you can put on easily.
  • The safety of the earring also matters a lot. So, the hoop earrings with more secure backings will be the best option to choose.
  • Keep checking the earrings every time before use. The lock might be misadjusted or loose because of the frequent use.

Trendy Styles/Designs of Hoop Earrings

Through this article we answer your question, Are Hoop Earrings in Style? Yes, they are. So, now, we will have a look at some trendy Hoop Earring designs that you will love to have.

  • Gold Hoop Earring

If you are a fine jewelry lover and love to wear expensive jewelry then gold hoop earrings could be the best option for you. However, you can choose earring size and design according to your choice and budget. Gold jewelry is the one that looks good on every skin tone and you can wear them at any event.

  • Silver Hoop Earring 

Silver is another metal and a lot of people love to wear its jewelry. So, you can get the hoop earring of your choice that is plated with 22-carat silver for a beautiful and sophisticated look. 

  • Mini Hoop Earrings

For those people who want to wear hoop earrings but in a smaller size, the mini hoop earring will be for them. These are best for everyday use as they will give you a perfect and complete look without creating a bold appearance. 

  • Colorful Hoop Earring

If you want to play with colors and look for colorful hoop earrings, there are a lot of options for you. You can choose any size smaller or bigger with some colorful gemstones, and pearls. At the same time, there are hoop earrings available with colorful decorating giving the perfect vibes.

  • Statement Hoop Earrings

Statement jewelry is in trend due to its bold look. So, those people who love to have some big and prominent pieces with beautiful designs can have statement hoop earrings. You can select the size, shape, and metal of the statement hoop earrings according to your choice. These earrings will draw the attention of others easily due to their bigger size and unique designs.

  • Geometric Hoop Earrings

If you want to add some patterns, you can go with the geometric Hoop Earrings. These earrings will be circular but with some geometric shapes or angles. So, these styles of hoop earrings will give a modern look. 

How to Style Hoop Earrings

In this article, we have shared a lot of information about hoop earrings such as Hoop earrings in style or not, the standard sizes, and trendy designs of Hoop earrings. Now, we will end our topic with some discussion on how to style the Hoop earring perfectly. There are different aspects that you should keep in mind that we discussed below.

  • Face shape

Face shape plays an important role when choosing hoop earrings. Choose those styles and sizes that complement your face cut and look good on you. Above we have discussed the detailed information on the face shapes, so please have a look.

  • For work

If you want to wear hoop earrings for work or the office, small to medium-sized hoop earrings with some beautiful design will be the best option. For the office, choose that jewelry by wearing which you feel comfortable and could easily focus on your work.

  • For Going Out

For events or parties, you can choose hoop earrings of bigger sizes according to the nature of the event. The size and design could be of your choice and comfort level. 


Here we have discussed the Hoop earring in detail. So, if you are looking for the designs and relevant information on the Hoop earring, you must read the article once as it has a lot of things that you might need to know. However, you can also visit our website,, for relevant topics on jewelry, fashion trends, etc. 



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