Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas 2024

Do you want to add some oversized blazers to your wardrobe and look for different ideas? Here we are to help you. Through this article, you will get stylish and trendy Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas 2024. So, to get the details on the oversized blazers, read the article thoroughly. Blazers are always in trend regardless of the season. You can wear it in different ways such as only blazers as a top layer, or a complete suit. 

Usually, we love to wear classy but comfortable outfits and oversized blazers fit in that category perfectly. The thing that we should keep in mind is the perfect styling of the blazers to look presentable. Along with the Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas 2024, we also shared some useful tips that will help you a lot in styling the blazers gracefully. Blazers are available in various fabrics so you can choose any one according to your choice and weather demands. For summers, blazers of lightweight and airy fabric while for the winters, you can choose warm and cozy blazers that will give you warmth with style. However, here we tried to provide you with as many guidelines on wearing the oversized blazers as we can with some additional but relevant information. Hopefully, the article will be helpful to you and you will like it. Now, let’s start our discussion on the Oversized Blazer 2024.

Ways to Style Oversized Blazers in 2024

As our concern is to help you in providing the Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas 2024, so, now we will discuss different ways to style them. Blazers are the staple for wardrobe, so you will never go wrong with the blazers if you wear them properly. 

Blazers with White shirt & straight-leg jeans

If you want to create a casual but attractive look for a day out with friends, you can wear an oversized blazer on a white shirt and straight-leg jeans. The wide and straight-legged jeans will balance out the oversized look of the blazers. 

Blazers with Column Dress & Mules

Blazers with Column Dress & Mules

You can pair up an oversized blazer with a black column dress for a casual look on a night out. Pair the dress with a mule and some accessories if you want. 

Oversized Blazer with Mini Dress & Chunky Trainers

To create a stylish and modern look with the oversized blazer, you can put it on a mini skirt or dress. However, you can balance out the proportion of oversized blazers with chunky trainers/sneakers. 

Blazers on Crop Top and High-Waist Jeans

If you want to create a trendy look from the 90s that is again popular, you can pair up the crop top with high-waist jeans. For a stylish look, put on an oversized leather blazer. You can choose this outfit for day or night according to your choice. 

Blazers with Sweatpants

You can get a business casual appearance with sweatpants for a casual look. However, for an attractive look, you can put on an oversized blazer, a pair of sneakers, and some simple jewelry. You can go with this look on a brunch as it will bring style with some comfort.  

Oversized Blazers on the Jumpsuit

Blazer with jumpsuit

The pair of a beautiful body-hugging jumpsuit and an oversized boxy blazer could be the perfect combination. The contrast between these two pieces will never go wrong as they will complement and balance out each other.  

Oversized Blazer as a Suit

If you want to get a suit look with your oversized blazer, you can easily get it. Wear your blazer and pair it up with the same color wide-legged pants. However, for a vibrant look, you can choose satin/silk trousers. This getup looks great in neutral colors such as navy or black. However, you can also try it with pastel hues and you will be amazed. 

Blazer with Flowy Separates

Blazer with seperates

You can create a mesmerizing look with an oversized blazer over the flowy separates. The oversized proportion of the blazer gives a wonderful look to the Separates. You can wear a blazer on the silk maxi skirt and a sleeveless top for the perfect look. 

A Pop color Oversized Blazers

Pop coloured blazer

If you don’t want to wear a blazer of basic or nude shades, you can go with some pop and vibrant colors. Choose the color wisely according to the remaining outfit, put on some pretty footwear, and enjoy your stylish look.  

Blazer on a Maxi Dress

You can wear an oversized blazer over a flowy long maxi dress for formal events. Both pieces complement each other giving a perfectly stylish look. However, this outfit will be best if you want to cover your whole body or want some warmth. 

Oversized Leather Blazer

Oversized leather blazer

Want to get a stylish look with some simple oversized blazers? You can try a leather blazer. Just wear a leather blazer over a simple white tee shirt and jeans. However, pair the outfit with some boots and slay your minimal but stylish look with some confidence. 

Blazer with Metallic Pants

Want some bold but perfect look to go outside to get a statement look, you can go with some Satin wide-legged pants in metallic hues. So, wear a crisp top, a metallic satin pants and pair it up with an oversized blazer and you are ready to slay.  

Striped Blazer with Striped leggings 

blazer with stirup leggings

For a stylish and modern look, you can wear an oversized striped blazer that will give you some extended length over Stirrup leggings or pants. The blazer will give a lengthening effect that you can add more by wearing some beautiful heels.

Tips to wear Oversized Blazers Properly

Above, we have shared different bodysuit outfit ideas for women 2024 that show how you can style them casually and formally. Now, we will share some basic tips to wear the blazers so that you can create any look with your oversized blazers easily. 

  • While wearing the oversized blazer, must focus on the balanced proportion of your complete outfit. If you are wearing a bulky jacket, then balance it out with a fitted blouse and skinny trousers or pants.
  • You can create a statement look by pairing the oversized blazer with wide-legged trousers. Both pieces, jacket, and trousers will give a perfect look if you can carry this style confidently.
  • Oversized blazers are available in different styles such as some are boxy, and few have belts to get some fitting around the waist. The fitting at the waist due to the belt adds a more feminine touch and a versatile and beautiful look.
  • Oversized blazers are for every day and all seasons. You can choose the fabric according to the season. At the same time, light and cool colors look beautiful in summer, while for the winter/autumn, you can choose dark colors. 
  • You can wear an oversized blazer in your office according to the environment. You can pair the blazer with jeans, a fitted T-shirt, and Sneakers/flats for the casual office look. However, for the formal appearance in the office, you can pair the oversized blazer with the same colored trousers and a silk inner camisole for the perfect suit look. 

How to Choose Perfect Oversized Blazers

As oversized blazers are in trend, you should have some in your wardrobe. With the oversized blazers, you can create your everyday and formal look easily. Above is the complete guide to styling your oversized blazer perfectly. So, if you haven’t read the article, you must glance at it. Anyhow, you should keep a few points in mind while choosing an oversized outfit for you. So, below, we have shared a few points that will help you in finding and buying the perfect piece.

  • If you want a blazer in a boxy style then it will be a men’s blazer size that will fit you and its length will be to the top of your thighs. 
  • Select the blazers according to your body shape and personality. Don’t hesitate to try different shapes and sizes, decide and choose it wisely.
  • With the right balance of outfits, you can wear oversized blazers with anything. 


Here we have shared the Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas 2024 that you can adopt according to your choice. Blazers are somehow wardrobe staples and have been in trend for a long time. The oversize blazers are still in trend in 2024. However, all we need to know is how to style them perfectly to look great. Blazers are pieces that you can wear anytime in any season and you will never go wrong with them. A well-fitted and well-managed blazer will help you in elevating your whole look. You can wear it with other outfits for a casual and formal look. Through this article, you will get many ideas, however, you can also mix and match different ideas and create a look of your choice. The only thing that you should remember while choosing the outfit is the color combination. 

Above we have shared some tips to buy and wear oversized blazers. Hopefully, the article will remain informative for you. In contrast, if you haven’t read it, please give it a try, you can surely love it. However, we will be happy to listen to your constructive feedback. Other than this, you can also visit our website for relevant topics on the latest fashion trends.  Be in the Fashion.



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