Travel Outfits: How to Look Chic When You’re Flying

Travel Outfits How to Look Chic When You’re Flying

Are you planning to travel by air and want some comfy and trendy outfit ideas? Here we will provide you with a complete guideline on the Travel Outfits: How to Look Chic When You’re Flying. The traveling outfits should be relaxed and comfortable regardless of whether you have to travel by air or by road. Wearing trendy and comfortable dresses makes your journey easy as you can move with your luggage without any difficulty handling the dresses. So, through this article, we tried to give you as many ideas regarding the travel outfit as we can with some useful tips and guidelines. 

If we look back to the mid-19s, there was a trend to wear dresses, suits, and heels while traveling to look beautiful. In contrast, now people don’t want to go traveling with that formal look. So, travelers prefer to wear simple and comfortable outfits that give them a casual but trendy and stylish appearance. It is important to look trendy and stylish during traveling especially if you are going on an international trip as your first impression matters a lot. However, read the article completely and you will get the complete guideline on trendy and stylish yet comfortable travel outfits.

Why it is important to look stylish and chic while traveling

Wearing a simple and comfortable outfit while traveling doesn’t mean that you can wear anything without looking chic and stylish. There are many reasons that you should choose outfits for traveling wisely that we discussed below.

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  • First impression: There is a saying that the First impression is the last impression, which means that the personality you represent to others in the first meeting will remain in their mind. So, your style and fashion sense can also leave a good or bad impression on the people you meet while traveling. So, try to wear beautiful and stylish outfits
  • Self-confidence: When you dress up properly according to the situation, it doesn’t only attract people towards you, but also gives you self-confidence. You can meet and talk with others more confidently and it will also impact positively on your traveling experience. 
  • Cultural respect: Each region and country has its own culture and clothing is one of the ways to represent it. There are a lot of countries who own their culture a lot in their lives. So, while traveling to a part of the world, try to learn about the culture and choose your outfits according to that. It will show that you respect their cultures and in return, you could receive more warmth and love from the locals.
  • Taking Traveling Pictures: During traveling, you will see a lot of beautiful scenery that you can capture with your camera and take a selfie with them to save it as a memory. So, it is important that you look presentable in the pictures to post them on your social media account or with your family. 
  • Adaptability & versatility: while traveling, choose a mixture of versatile and functional clothes so that you can easily adapt to unexpected events/situations during traveling.  

Tips/ Ideas to look chic during traveling on a Plane

Earlier, we mentioned why it is important to look stylish while traveling. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your comfort level. So, below are some tips that you can include in your travel outfits to look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

  • A pair of sneakers

It is very important to choose footwear for traveling that gives you comfort and you can easily wander with them. So, sneakers will be the best option as they are easy to put on and off even if they are laces. With a beautiful pair of sneakers, traveling will be easier and they will add a stylish look to your appearance. 

  • Try to travel in layers

Try to travel in layers of clothes while traveling instead of wearing one piece. Layering can save you and you can take the top layer off anytime when you want. So, try to wear a T-shirt with a hoodie or zipper jacket. However, you can take your heavier handcraft jacket or coat with you if you are traveling to a colder place. 

  • Tapered Sweats

Sweatpants are the best option for long flights. However, tapered sweats can add more comfort and style to your look. So, try to wear some tapered sweats for the perfect and stylish appearance. 

  • Wear socks

Never go on a plane without wearing socks as you could feel uncomfortable and get cold toes. So, try to wear some fuzzy socks that will keep your toes warm. However, you can try some invisible or no-show socks if you don’t like to show them out of your shoes or sneakers.   

  • Put-on minimal makeup

Never go on traveling with full-face or heavy makeup but try to keep it minimal and natural look if you want to put on something. Moisturizing your skin properly and light blush and lipstick would be enough for traveling on the plane. Concealer or foundation can clog your pores and make you look messy. 

  • Choose Breathable Fabric

Try to choose outfits while traveling on a plane that is light, and comfortable. So, outfits made up of breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabric could be a great option. Such fabric allows your skin to breathe and you feel more comfortable. So, one of the best options could be cotton fabric. However, you can also choose silk blend, knit, jerseys, etc. However, try to avoid polyester as it can cause sweating and flammable synthetic fabric such as nylon.

  • Keep a scarf or Pashmina

A neck scarf or pashmina could be the best option to keep with you while traveling on a plane as you can use it for many purposes. It will give you a stylish look. At the same time, you can use it for extra layering if you feel cold, use it as a mini blanket or a pillow.

  • Carry a handbag/backpack

Choose a beautiful handbag or backpack to carry the things with some style. Try to choose the luggage in the bag according to the airline’s weight restriction. So, keep those things in the bag that are more important and you might need them while on the plane. 

  • Wear essential Accessories

Accessories are the plus point to add a stylish look to your appearance. So, try to choose accessories wisely while traveling without going overboard. You can choose sunglasses, or a beautiful hat that will help you in looking chic and secure your hair. At the same time, if you want to wear some jewelry, try to keep it minimal such as ear studs, or a simple necklace/chain, etc.


Here, we have shared the travel outfits that will make you chic when you’re flying. It is mandatory to wear something comfortable to travel with some ease. So, wearing beautiful yet comfortable outfits is the best way to make the journey easy. Above we have shared many ideas and tips that you can adopt to look chic while traveling. Try to avoid too much tight or skin-revealing clothes, as it might make you uncomfortable. However, you will get detailed information on travel outfits through this article. You can visit our website, for other relevant details about the latest fashion trends. 



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