Mascara Tips and Tricks for Fuller Lashes

Mascara Tips and Tricks for Fuller lashes

Having long and curled eyelashes is the dream of every girl, so girls apply Mascara on their eyelashes to make beautiful lashes. However, sometimes, girls apply false eyelashes, especially at events such as weddings. In daily life, it is impossible and even inconvenient to put on false lashes. So, here we will share some mascara Tips and Tricks for fuller lashes. 

Applying the perfect mascara for the beautiful long and clump-free lashes seems very easy but actually, it is a tricky part. So, for the perfect fuller lashes, there are a lot of factors/things you should keep in mind such as Mascara brush shape, technique to apply, and number of coats, etc. At the same time, the quality of mascara also depends a lot so try to buy the best mascara with great quality. A perfectly applied mascara transforms your complete look like magic. So, every girl should know a few Mascara tips and tricks for fuller lashes for daily life.

Now, you must be wondering that from which platform you will get the best Mascara tips and tricks for fuller lashes. So, don’t worry, we have shared some easy and effective ideas that will help you a lot in achieving your dream eyelashes. So, read the article carefully. However, at the end of the article, we will also share some best maracas of different brands by which you will get beautiful lashes.

Mascara Tips and Tricks 

Below we have shared the ideas to apply mascara on lashes perfectly. So, go down and get the complete details on Mascara tips and tricks for fuller lashes. This guide will help all females a lot to make their eyes beautiful and big. 

Use Eyelash Curler

eyelash curler

Don’t apply mascara directly onto your lashes but for some preparations before. So, try to curl your lashes with a curler. It will shape your lashes and the application of your mascara will be perfect. You can easily avail the lash curler from the market. So, grab your lashes with the curler carefully and press them for a while. Here is a tip you can warm your curler a little bit for the perfectly curled eyelashes. However, be careful while using this tip as a highly hot curler can burn your lashes or eyes. 

Clear Mascara Primer

For the fuller eyelashes, apply a clear Mascara primer before coating the mascara. It is one of the best tips to get thick lashes. So, after using the curler, you can apply a little quantity of clear primer if you want to give it a try. You can use mascara primer only for the natural look or can use it as a base before applying loose powder and mascara, the choice is yours. So, if you want to apply clear primer mascara, then let it dry for a few seconds and then proceed further. Applying loose powder or mascara on wet lashes can go wrong.

Loose powder on Lashes

It sounds a bit weird but this trick is amazing to get the plump and beautiful thick eyelashes. So, before applying the mascara, dust a small amount of loose powder, cover your mascara wand by swirling it with the powder, and then dip the same wand in the mascara tube to apply it on the lashes. Make sure that your wand is evenly covered with mascara for the perfect, clump-free eyelashes. You will be amazed after seeing your lashes by applying mascara through this trick. We will listen to your reviews about this trick for fuller eyelashes. 

Coating of Mascara

If you think that a lot of coating the mascara will result in very thick and beautiful eyelashes, you are wrong. A lot of coating can use a clumpy look instead of fuller. So, 2 or a maximum of 3 coats are enough to get the perfect fuller lashes (02 coats are recommended). So, after applying the first coat, let it dry completely and then go for the next coat. 

Use a Lash Separator or Lash Comb

lash comb

After drying the Mascara completely, comb your lashes carefully to find long and neat lashes. So, in case you get any clumsy effect, you can comb it out with your lash comb or separator. However, you can also comb your lashes before applying mascara to make them straight for a clean application.

Use Mascara Guard

mascara Guard

In the Market, you will find a Mascara guard that will protect your eyelid and you will be able to apply it on your lashes neatly. The guard also has some tiny soft ridges that prevent the mascara from being clumpy as it helps the lashes to separate from each other. You can use the guard easily as there is no rocket science in it to understand. Just place the Mascara guard on along your lash line and under the line, and apply the Mascara just like we do normally.

Wipe your wand 

It is very important for the even coating of mascara to have a clean Mascara wand. If you have a lumpy thing on your wand, you can’t apply neat and even mascara. So, before applying Mascara on your lashes, always clean it with a tissue to get rid of dried and cling products on it.

Apply Mascara from roots/lash line

It is a simple but effective hack to always apply mascara from the roots of lashes (lash line). So, always start from your lash line and wiggle the wand upward for the length and volume of your eyelashes. 

Mascara on Lower Lashes

It looks very beautiful to apply mascara on the lower lashes as it makes your eyes bigger. However, it is somehow tricky to put mascara on lower lashes but you can do it by holding the wand vertically. Then, move the wand back and forth motion gently for the perfect and clean application. 

Some Techniques to Apply Mascara

Above we have shared Mascara Tips and Tricks for fuller lashes. Now, for your ease, we will also share some easy techniques to apply mascara for the perfect long and thick eyelashes. It seems very easy to apply mascara but with the shapes and angles of the wand, you can get different lash styles. So, it is important for all to know the basic techniques. By using these techniques and tips, you will love your lashes and enjoy your day.

  • Minking Mascara Technique

Minking is a very simple and easy technique to apply mascara for thicker and fuller lashes. In these techniques, we have to use two colored Mascara to create a fuller effect such as Brown and Black. So, you have to use your brown mascara first and then mink it with a black one. It will give dimension to the lashes and make them beautiful. It is the best technique, especially for those who don’t like to put on false lashes for the thickness. However, if you want to do some experiments, you can also use other colors at the tip of the lashes.  

  • Tightlining 

It is another technique to make your eyelashes thick and fuller by applying eyeliner on the upper waterline. It is a bit uncomfortable for beginners but the results are amazing. So, for extra definition and depth in your lashes, you can use a Tightlining technique before applying mascara. 

So, use waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner, apply it on your upper waterline (between the lashes), then apply mascara, and you will love the result. Be patient while doing tightening for the clean application. So, you can start from the inner to the outer corner without any hurry. Try to follow the natural curve of the eyes by covering all lashes for the perfect look.

  • Wiggle & Roll Technique

If you want to get fuller eyelashes without any clumpiness, you can use the wiggle and roll technique. So, keep your wand near the lashes and wiggle it, then roll the wand at the tip of the lashes for the curly effect. By doing this, the bristles catch all lash hair and give perfect fuller eyelashes. 

Best Mascara Brands

There are a lot of brands that sell mascara with other makeup products. So, if you don’t have an idea which brand sells the best quality brand, here we are to help you. We have a complete article on the best makeup brands in the world. So, just click the link and you will get a lot of options to choose from.



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