The Best Makeup Brands In The World

Best Makeup Brands in the world

Makeup has a special place in women’s lives so you can think of it as a Love of their life. Women love to put on makeup in different ways to enhance the features that make them more beautiful. There are a lot of ways to do makeup based on different occasions and events. However, working ladies and even housewives also apply basic makeup products to look presentable. So, all women have basic knowledge of how to do makeup properly in a correct way. In other words, we can say that it is a need for all women to have at least basic knowledge about makeup and trendy makeup techniques so that they can make themselves representable in events. Other than knowing makeup techniques, it is also important to have great-quality makeup products. So, here we will talk about the best makeup brands in the world. 

There are a lot of makeup brands that are available around the world and people love to get the makeup products of those brands. However, you might find the products of these brands a bit expensive but they are worth buying and you will love the application of them on your skin. Each brand has different prices so, you can choose any of them according to your budget. 

When we talk about makeup brands, there are a lot of local and international companies that make makeup products. However, some of them became famous and got the attention of the national and international people due to the best quality. As we mentioned, women love to put on makeup products so they try to invest in the best things that not only make them beautiful but also protect their skin from damage. So, here we will talk about a few best makeup brands in the world that make their products under the supervision of a dermatologist or skin specialist to give your skin a great effect.

Makeup Products as a gift

If you have a plan to give something to a female but can’t understand, then a makeup product could be a better option. You can purchase the makeup product of the best quality brand and they will surely love it. So, below we have provided information about the best makeup brands in the world so you can visit the website or store of any brand of your choice and get the products you want to gift.

If we talk about makeup products, there are different kinds of makeup to enhance the features of the face. So, you can make a makeup gift bundle of your required products and gift them after wrapping them in a beautiful basket or box. 

Top Makeup Brands

Now, let’s move toward our main topic, the best Makeup brands in the world. Below, we have mentioned the names of a few famous brands at the international level. However, we tried to share a little bit of the history of each brand so that you can check and make a decision to choose them after complete satisfaction. So, go down and get the complete details about the best makeup brands in the world whose products are worth buying without any doubt. 


MAC is a famous international makeup brand known for its amazing makeup products that make the skin flawless. This beauty brand has been providing its makeup products since 1984 and has a well-known reputation around the world. According to the stats, MAC Products is sold in over 120 countries and has around 500 independent stores worldwide. 

If we talk about makeup products, you will get almost all things such as foundation, concealer, lipsticks, eye makeup, primer, etc. As the brand has a lot of stores, you can easily get the MAC products MAC has a wide range of lipsticks comprising different shades and textures. So, you can easily get your favorite lipstick shade according to your skin tone.

NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetic and skincare company is another famous brand whose makeup products are quite popular worldwide. A Makeup artist and photographer, Francois Nars, founded this brand in 1994 with only 12 lipsticks. Now, the brand has a huge range of makeup products including lipsticks and face makeup products.

The founder of Nars Cosmetics has knowledge about makeup and knows which type of products will look great on the human skin. So, people liked the products and brands gained recognition among various makeup experts. The products of NARS cosmetics are highly pigmented and can be used for multi-purpose makeup solutions. 


Maybelline is one of the makeup brands everyone loves and happily purchases its products. It is one of the oldest makeup brands founded in 1915 by chemist Thomas Lyle Wiliam. Once, he saw his sister, Mybel, using Vaseline, ash, and coal on her eyebrows, from where he got an idea and made his first ever Mascara known as Maybelline Cake Mascara. So, he chose to name his brand Maybelline after the name of his sister, Maybel + Vaseline, that she was using. 

Now, the brand has a lot of makeup products that are popular around the world and people love to use them. Their Foundation, Fit Me, is one of the most popular makeup products among makeup artists due to its flawless application. However, the Maybelline Makeup brands also have other products such as primers, eye makeup, lipstick, and other face makeup products. You can say that it is one of the most affordable makeup brands among many others. 

Bare Minerals

It is one of the makeup brands that claim to have natural makeup products without any harsh chemicals and parabens. In 1995, Leslie Blodgett launched Bare Escentuals, the first mineral makeup, and introduced the masses to the skin-improving benefits of natural makeup. The aim of this makeup brand is to provide makeup products to the world that don’t get harsh on the skin and help in improving skin health. 

Bare Escentuals brand known as, Bare Minerals, contains 100% earth minerals that are beneficial for the skin. So, people with all skin types can use the makeup products of Bare Minerals as during the making of makeup products, companies try to make products that can cope with various skin issues. So, you will get a huge range of makeup products of Bare minerals such as face makeup (foundation, blushes, concealers, highlighter), eye makeup, and lipstick, etc. 

L’Oreal Paris

L’oreal Paris offers a wide range of beauty products not only for makeup but also haircare and skincare products. Eugène Schueller founded the company in 1909 in Paris, France. So, this beauty brand has been providing a large amount of products around the world for more than 110 years. However, one of the reasons for its popularity is that this company focused not only on locals but embraced all cultures and races worldwide. So, we can say that it is one of the brands whose products are suitable for almost all people regardless of the continent and country. According to the statistics on the official website, L’Oreal is 1st Cosmetic Group worldwide having 36 brands in 150 countries. 

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a young but popular makeup brand launched in 2017. The brand gained a lot of popularity in a short time and is one of the reasons for the fast recognition of its founder, Robyn Rihhana Fentry. So, she named its brand Fenty Beauty by using its surname. The brand has around 40 shades of foundation; however, the main focus of the brand is on Black women. She worked hard to make a perfect consistency of the foundation covering different skin tones. Thus, due to a lot of foundation for different skin tones that a lot of other popular brands overlooked, the brand is popular among white and Black people. 

Estee Lauder

A Young Businesswoman, Estee Lauder, started its brand in 1949 with the help the his Husband with only 04 skincare products. However, she has a big vision to provide fewer products to people for skin care. He has a belief that ideal skincare doesn’t need a lot of products but a few essential products. So, she worked on it and gained recognition around the world. With the passage of time, she grew its business lagers and now Estee Lauder has great luxury makeup products and fragrances. Now, Estee Lauder is a complete empire reaching 150 countries and owns various major beauty brands. 

NYX Cosmetics

NYX is one of the leading and best Makeup brands in the world providing a range of makeup products. The brand is popular among makeup experts and beginners as NYX has premium yet affordable products. Toni Ko launched this brand in 1999 and got a lot of popularity. However, after a few times, she sold the brand to L’Oreal. However, now you can find NYX cosmetics in more than 70 countries.


One more brand that is famous not only for its makeup products but also for skincare items. The brand, launched in 1968, provides the products after clinically tested for allergy and claims to have 100% fragrance-free products. So, you can find a wide range of clinically proven skincare products for men and women from Clinique. However, its makeup product also contains elements that give you flawless skin with skincare. 

You can trust the Clinique products as they have a complete team of chemists, scientists, and dermatologists. So, Clinique launches its product after the approval of professionals. 

Dior Beauty

Dior is a fashion brand. However, with fashion, the brand also has luxury makeup products with pocket-friendly prices. DIOR provides makeup products with safe elements so that people with sensitive skin can also use their products. So, you can get all types of Makeup products from this brand. Along with the wide range of makeup products, you will also find the Dior fragrances and Nail products. 

Benefit Cosmetics

Twin sisters, Jean and Jane Ford started this brand in 1976 which gained the attention of the masses due to its incredible and high-quality products. The sisters wanted to start a business so they flipped a coin to decide the nature of the brand. So, after flipping they got the result to start a beauty/cosmetic brand. In the start, they named the Brand, The Face Place, then changed it to Benefit Cosmetic later. However, the professional primers of the benefit and Benetint are quite popular around the world and people love the result. Other than these, Benefit Cosmetics is also famous because of its Brow bar. So, you can visit the official website of Benefit Cosmetic to review the complete range of their makeup products. However, there are a lot of platforms in different countries that sell the original Benefit products. 


Maureen Kelly started a makeup brand, Tarte Cosmetics, in 2000 with a dream to provide cruelty-free and hypoallergenic makeup products to the world. So, she launched a brand with a product made after combining glamorous makeup and natural ingredients that are good for the skin. So, Tarte Cosmetics claims to provide clinically proven products made from plants and fruit extract. However, for more satisfaction, the brand has provided a complete list of excluded ingredients that might harm your skin. Maureen Kelly started the brand with Tarte Cheek stain (tints), and with the passage of time, launched different kinds of makeup products. 

Urban Decay

In contrast to other brands, Urban Decay focuses on bold and edgy colors in the makeup products. The creators of Urban Decay were tired of pink makeup products available in the market abundantly. So, they decided to make something exciting in the makeup industry. So, in 1996, Urban Decay started with a lot of nail paints and 10 lipsticks. However, the brand became popular and people love their products. 

Urban Decay claims to provide 100% cruelty-free makeup products. The Urban Decay makeup products are highly pigmented and have long-lasting color. 


Neutrogena is a dermatologist-recommended brand providing a range of skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products. Dermatologists recommended their products as they contain skin-friendly ingredients. Neutrogena has a team of skin experts, scientists, and dermatologists who formulate the products with the ingredients your skin needs. So, you can purchase makeup products as well as skincare and haircare products from Neutrogena. Their product is available almost around the world so you can easily purchase your favorite one. If we talk about Neutrogena skin care products, its Hydro Boost moisturizers are best to use and you will feel a better texture of your skin. 

E.l.f Cosmetics

E.l.f is the abbreviation for Eyes, Lips, and Face. It is an American brand launched in 2004 by Scott Vincent Borba and Joseph Shamah. The brand is popular around the world due to the best quality products and pocket-friendly prices. Due to affordable prices, the brand catches the attention of the people over a lot of other pricier brands who sell the same quality products. However, the e.l.f. Cosmetics also claim to provide cruelty-free products which also become a plus point. 

You will find a large range of e.l.f makeup products for different skin tones. you can fund the product easily and enjoy them.

Rare beauty

Rare Beauty is a young makeup brand owned by Saleena Gomez. She started this brand in 2019 and her brand’s gained a lot of popularity. About her brand, she said that Rare Beauty is more than a beauty brand that can make an impact. She further stated that we should stop comparing ourselves to others and embrace our uniqueness. 

However, Rare Beauty provides a wide range of makeup products for the Face, Lips, and eyes. The brand has different shades of foundation for the Light to Deep Skin tone. At the same time, the makeup products of Rare Beauty are Cruelty-Free and Vegan. So, you can try its makeup as most people already love their products. Rare beauty makeup products will be more suitable for those who prefer a natural and glowy look.   

Lancome Paris

Lancome Paris is a French Luxury beauty brand having a range of perfumes, skincare, and cosmetics products. It is a well-known and reputed company globally due to its effective skincare range. The brand came into existence in 1935 with five unique fragrances. Later they started to work on skincare. However, Lancome became a Part of L’Oreal in 1964. However, the brand is offering a huge range of makeup products from primers, concealers, blushers, foundation, and eye and lips makeup products. So, you can find almost all kinds of makeup products from Lancome Paris. Its serum concealers are available in 24 shades, and provide up to 24 hours of hydration and a soft glowy finish, covering almost all skin tones.

Avon Products

Avon is one of the oldest beauty brands founded in 1886. The company sells its products directly to people worldwide. It is one of the largest beauty companies having a range of cosmetics, perfumes, skincare, and personal care. So, you can visit the official website and check the complete range of Avon Products. 

Armani Beauty

Giorgio Armani started its beauty brand in 2000 and one of the reasons for its popularity is its celebrity fans. The founder of the brand was passionate about making the products sustainable and beautiful. Along with the makeup products, Armani Beauty also has a variety of men’s & women’s perfumes, and skincare products. However, the brand doesn’t claim to provide cruelty-free products.  

YSL Beauty

The Founder of YSL Beauty started the brand by launching its first fragrance in 1964 and surprisingly, the fragrance was an unbelievable success. After the massive success, the brand started to work on skincare and cosmetic products. Now, YSL has almost all the products that a girl needs from face makeup products to eyes and lips products. The products of YSL Beauty are available worldwide. However, you can also visit the official website to check the complete range of the products and their availability in your region. 

Charlotte Tilbury

A British Makeup Artist, Charlotte Tilbury, Started her makeup brand in 2013 by using her own name for the brand. The brand started with a decent range of products. However, the brand continues to expand its business by adding a large number of products including skincare. One of the best things about Charlotte Tilbury products is that they have infused quality ingredients that can treat your skin against many skin problems. So, along with the best formulation of the product, the brand has very pretty and chic packaging and it becomes more pretty with every new launch. At the same time, Charlotte Tilbury claimed to provide cruelty-free products.

Chanel Makeup

When we talk about one of the best luxury brands we can’t skin Chanel. Chanel is one of the oldest brands that is popular around the world. Chanel has a large range of makeup products such as foundations, concealers, blushes, Powders, and complete eye and lips makeup products. At the same time, the channel has a complete range of makeup brushes and tools.

Drugstore and High-End Makeup Brands

In the discussion of the makeup brands and products, you might have heard about the term, Drugstore Makeup and High-End Makeup. Now, let’s discuss these two terms and know what the actual difference with these two types of makeup and which makeup brands are manufacturing these products.

    • DrugStore Makeup: those makeup products that you can purchase from any grocery store, online beauty retailers, and pharmacies are known as drugstore makeup. However, these makeup products are pocket-friendly so everyone can purchase them easily. So, the brands that make drugstore makeup products are known as Drugstore Makeup brands.
  • High-End Makeup: High-end makeup products are usually costly and belong to luxurious beauty brands. These products have high-end formulations and pretty and eye-catching packaging.
  • Difference Drugstore and High-End Makeup Products

After knowing the types of makeup products, now the question is which kind of makeup products are best for the skin. Most of people think that High-end makeup products are more beneficial for the skin. Surprisingly, some drugstore makeup products are not low in price but give you almost the same result as High-end products. 

The major difference between the prices of these two kinds of makeup is not relevant only to ingredients but the packaging. The high-end makeup brands focus on the packaging of the product to make the products more attractive and luxurious which makes them costly. 

However, there are a lot of drugstore makeup products that give great results within an affordable budget and a lot of people prefer them. If we talk about Drugstore makeup brands those are e.l.f, Maybelline, NYX, etc. However, High-end makeup brands are Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, NARS, etc. We have talked about all of these makeup brands above.

How to Choose the Best Makeup Brand

There are a lot of makeup brands or companies around the world that claim to sell the best products. However, it is also your responsibility to check the reputation and reviews of the brand. Above we have shared a long list of the best makeup brands in the world but you can also check them for your satisfaction. You must know whether the products you want to buy are suitable for your skin or not. However, below, we have shared some parameters that will help you in choosing makeup products from the top beauty brands.


One of the best ways to check the authenticity of a brand is to check its performance. You can test the brand by choosing one of the top-selling products of the brand and its effect on you. If you like the product you can go with other products without any hesitation. 

Another way to check the performance of the brand is by listening to reviews from trusted makeup artists, beauty brands, and authentic beauty websites. Above we tried to add those brands which provide the best makeup products with safe ingredients. It is important to choose a great quality product for your skin to make it flawless and glowy. 

Cruelty-Free and Clean

If you are looking for a cruelty-free and clean product, you must look for the brands that claim it. Remember to choose those brands that provide clean products cruelty-free. If you are confused with the term cruelty-free, it means that final products are not tested on the animals but they might contain animal-derived ingredients. There is another term for most beauty products Vegan. Vegan means the product doesn’t contain any animal-derived but the final product might be tested on animals. 

So, with the cruelty-free, try to get those products with clean ingredients that are most important. Makeup products with a clean formulation must be a priority. 

Shade Inclusivity

If you want makeup with shade inclusivity, you must look for brands that provide a huge range of different shades. In the start, the makeup was limited to a few shades for a long time. At the same time, most brands focused on fair complexion by avoiding darker skin tones. But now, most beauty brands especially the younger ones also consider the deeper skin tones while making their foundations and other makeup products, for example, Fenty Beauty and Rare Beauty are one of those brands.  


Along with all other factors, price is also one of the important factors when choosing makeup brands. The best makeup brands with great quality products often have high prices. However, there are few brands that offer competitively affordable prices with high-quality products. So, I must choose a product according to the budget. 

Comparison with other Brands

While considering a beauty brand for the product, you must perform a complete analysis of the ingredients they use. It helps you a lot in understanding the nature of the product. Check the ingredients either it is according to your skin or not. You can compare the products of different brands in terms of ingredients, reviews, and price. After doing a complete comparison, choose the products of that brand which suits you well both physically and economically. Remember that most of the time, products with low prices are not of good quality. So, don’t compromise on your skin. Invest in great products for the betterment of your skin.

Return Policy

Great and top brands always provide great service to their customers by providing them with good quality products and the best customer service. There are many beauty brands that don’t give a return policy. So, try to choose those top brands that facilitate their customers with guarantee and return policies. 

Other than these, there are a few more factors that you must consider such as skin type, Ingredients, etc. So, let’s talk about them briefly.

  • Skin Type

As we always mention in our makeup-related blogs all of us need to know our skin type before purchasing any product for the face. If you buy a product with ingredients that are not according to your skin, then your skin will be damaged, and face skin issues. So, you must read the ingredients list before buying any product to determine whether the ingredients used are according to your skin or not. However, most of makeup products also mention the skin types on their products for the ease of their customers. 

  • Ingredients

The products with high-quality ingredients will be beneficial for your skin and you can get a glow. So, while buying skincare or makeup products, make sure that the ingredients used in them are of high quality and formulated cleanly.

Viral Makeup Hack

Here we have discussed the best Makeup Brands in the world, after that, we jump towards the parameters to choose the best makeup brand. Now for some extra information relevant to makeup, we decided to share some viral makeup hacks that you can try on with your favorite makeup products. 

  • Sandwich Makeup Hack

If you are not a makeup expert and want to hide your blemishes, the Sandwich Makeup hack is for you. Mostly, women want flawless skin after makeup but they can’t hide their face blemishes well at home. So, on social media, there is a viral hack for the blemishes. So, below, we have shared the makeup products and methods to use the Sandwich Makeup Hack.

Required Products: for this hack, you need only things makeup products: setting spray, Translucent Powder, Concealer, and makeup brush. 

Sandwich Makeup Method

You can hide your blemishes by using the Viral Sandwich method by following the given steps.

  • Usually, setting spray is the last step to fix the makeup. But here, we will use it first. Spray a little amount of setting spray on your finger and apply it to your blemishes by dabbing it with the fingers.
  • On drying the setting spray, apply a small amount of translucent powder on the blemishes with the help of a brush and press it for a while.
  • Take a concealer for your skin tone and make an outline of the blemishes. Don’t apply concealer directly on them but draw an outline. Then, blend the concealer inward, towards the blemish, with the help of a makeup brush. It is somehow a tricky but important step.
  • In the end, dab the area with the translucent powder gain to make sure that coverage remains intact with the skin, and lock the products with the setting spray. 


Here we talk about the best makeup brands in the world with complete detail. Other than these, many other brands are providing a vast range of makeup products. however, we chose the best one that is not famous globally but also has the best quality products. Along with the Makeup brands, we also tried to provide some extra but relevant information about the makeup types so that you can understand and choose the products easily. Hopefully, the article will be informative for you and you will enjoy it. However, you can visit our website,, anytime for the latest updates regarding fashion.



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