The 20 Hottest Nail Trends for 2024

The 20 Hottest Nail Trends for 2024

Are you looking for a new and trendy nail art design for a new look in 2024? Trends keep changing yearly with few modifications. So, those who love to do nail art will love this article as we are here with the 20 hottest Nail Trends for 2024. Nail paints are part of makeup and a lot of best makeup brands launch different shades of nail paints. Women love to put on different shades on their nails for a completely new look to make their hands and feet beautiful. So, after a manicure, ladies choose different nail art. Manicure helps in making the hands clean and beautiful and nail paints are a plus point at the end.

Before this, we have shared the different designs of pearl and Glazed nails that you can check from their website. We have provided the complete information and different designs of glazed nail and pearl nail art in separate articles. However, now let’s start today’s topic on nail arts, The 20 Hottest Nail Trends for 2024.

Top Nail Art Trends in 2024

Below, you will see a list of different types of most popular nail art trends in 2024 among females. Women love to do their manicures and nails, especially before going to any event or function. So, to help our viewers, we have decided to share The 20 Hottest Nail Trends for 2024 with you.

Baby Blue or Soft Colour Nails

According to an expert, 2024 will be the year of blue, soft hues of nail paint especially in spring. These soft and gentle colors will bring a calmness to the personality. If we compare the nail trend, 2023 was a year of bold and electric nail colors. Now, 2024 will shift towards the softness and spirituality in Nail art trends. 

Chrome Nails

Like 2023, the trend of chrome nails will stay in 2024. However, the colors of chrome could be shifted from silver chrome nails to other colors such as gold chrome. A famous nail artist stated that we will see a wide variety of chrome nails in 2024. He further explained that most women know the basic chrome powder only but with the advanced technology, there are a large number of new metallic shades that you can try. 

Velvet Nails

These nails give you a velvety touch that will be the best option for the winners for its warm and cozy effect. However, you can also get the velvet nails in spring with some fresh colors. So, for the velvet effect nails, you can achieve it by using magnetic nail polish. 

Glossy Nails

Glossy nails, also known as Lip Gloss nails, are still in trend and remain popular this year. However, it’s time to go ahead from pink to some semi-sheer jelly fruity shades. So, you can go with orange, red, or purple shades.

Glitter Marble Nails

There is a way to celebrate events or parties with beautiful Glitter Marble Nails. It gives a decent yet festive look due to the shimmery effect. However, the color combination of the glitter and marble effect could be of your choice.

Fine Glitter Effect

If you want some glittery effect without going with chrome or velvety touch, you can choose fine-milled glitter nail paints. This is the way to get the high shimmery effect with minimum effort. So, with the fine glitter, you will get a glamorous yet subtle nail look. 

Pink Glam Nails

If you want to go with the Barbie look, you can choose the pink manicure. However, you can make it glamorous and eye-catching by pairing it with a diamond accent. Diamond Accents mean placing small stones or beads on the nails.

Sparkly Tipped Nails

You can add some shimmery effect to your French manicure by putting some shimmer at the tips of the nails. So, a thin clean line of the shimmer on tips will give a minimal yet celebrity touch that you can enjoy at any function. 

Starry Midlines Nails

If you want to add a cosmic touch to your manicure, then starry midline nails will be the best option for you. This nail art will give you an exceptional visual effect as you will have a bright shiny star sparkling at the maid of your nails. 

Rainbow Flame Nails

You can go with different colored nail paints on each nail with some sparkly pattern. So, go with rainbow flame nails to spark your manicure. However, you can add some glitter effects to your nail art for a more beautiful effect.

Foiled Leopard Nails

If you want to do something interesting with your nails, you can choose a foiled leopard manicure. It will give a bold and wild effect. However, you can easily get these nails at home with your favorite nail paint, gold foil, and black nail paint. First of all, apply the base color and let it dry to a tacky finish. Put small pieces of gold foil with tweezers on the nails. Then, add leopard dots around the foil with black nail paint and let it dry completely. After that, seal it with a top coat.

Diamond Nudes Nails

Add some sparkle to your muted nude manicure by adding some beads or pearls. The nude nail paint will give a sophisticated look. However, the subtle sprinkle of beads adds some glamor. So, this nail art will be an example of minimal yet classy nail designs.

Holographic Nails

Holographic nails are a unique and beautiful look to achieve. To get the mesmerizing holographic effect, mix different shades of color, such as purple, and give a glittery effect to this manicure. The holographic nails will give a new, chic, and eye-catching look to mesmerize others. 

Golden Swirls

This nail design is the next example of simplicity with some glamorous as it will have some base color with a hint of gold color. So, you can choose any base color such as pink,  etc.

Chrome Hearts

As mentioned above, this year chrome nails will stay in trend. However, you can do these nails in different metallic colors or ways. If you don’t want full chrome colors, you can add chrome stickers of different colors and shapes for a chic look. 

Gold Stars and Hearts

You can add some sparkle to your white base nail paints by putting some gold stars and heart-shaped stickers. This nail art trend will be the best option for parties or festivals.

Floating French Tip Nails

Add a pretty look to your basic French manicure by adding a few lines on the tip of the nail. So, you can draw a thin line of any color on top of your nude base color. You can use this nail art as an everyday nail design.

Chocolate Milk Nails

According to a nail artist, in 2024, clean, natural, and minimalist nail looks will be more trendy. So, among these are sandy beiges, soft pink hues, and dark brown colors. However, Dark Brown nails are popular on TikTok as Chocolate Milk Nails. 

Bow Accent Nails

Add some beautiful effects to your simple manicure by adding some Bow hints to it. You can choose bow stickers, 3D bows, or bow paints. However, if you want to make it more fancy, you can put some rhinestones and delicate pearls on it. 

Soap Nails

Soap nail manicures are equivalent to the no makeup look. Where you perform a complete manicure but the main focus is on the base. So, a soap nail manicure takes the clean and simple nails to the other level. It is the best mimic of clean nails. However, there are many ways to do soap nail manicures that you can get at any nail bar.



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