Indian Fashion Trends for Winter

Indian Fashion Trends for Winter

With the change of season, everyone updates their wardrobe accordingly. Winter has arrived, so it is time to add some cozy and warm clothes to stay protected. However, today, we will discuss the Indian fashion trends for winter that you should consider this season. Winter dresses don’t mean that you have to layer a lot of clothes for warmth. Instead of this, you can slay in winter by choosing the right piece of clothes for layering wisely. Looking stylish isn’t to have modern and branded clothes, but you can look great by choosing and wearing the right dresses according to the situation sensibly. So, let’s talk about the top Indian fashion trends for winter that will not only give you coziness but also a  stylish and trendy look.

Fashion Trends in India

Below, we have discussed the fabric and style of the dresses that you can add to your wardrobe for a classy and trendy look. The updated dresses according to the trend give you more confidence to meet people. So, read the article carefully and get updates on Indian fashion trends for winter.

Trendy Winter Fabrics

There are various types of winter fabrics that you can use for the dresses. So, below, we discussed some popular winter fabrics used by Indians to make various sorts of outfits for warmth.

  • Wool, Pashmina, Kashmiri wool, Angina, wool, Kantha, Brocade Jamawar, Winter Cotton, and velvet etc. 

Velvet Dresses

Velvet is one of my favorite fabrics in winter it gives you warmth and gives an elegant and royal look. So, for the winter, you should have some different designs of velvet dresses such as frocks, blouses, or velvet shawls. However, you can also wear velvet blazers for a modern and chic look. The embroidered velvet blouses provide an extra charm to your simple silk saree that you can wear at any wedding or event with beautiful jewelry. Similarly, the velvet shawls look very elegant on the shalwar Kameez and give you a hint of coziness. 

Plaid Outfit

Plaid Pattern Outfit

This season, plaid is not only limited to school uniforms but is becoming a fashionable form among the young generation. So, it is best to update your wardrobe with some plaid outfits such as coats, skirts, or jumpsuits. You can carry the plaid dress casually with some sneakers or can dress it up elegantly with some beautiful jewelry and heels.


If you want some extra coziness with the stylish, you can choose outfits with shearling lining. So, you can wear shearling jackets or coats on the top as this look will add style to your whole personality without any compromise. However, the soft texture of the shearling is very comfortable to wear. So, for an unbeatable stylish look, you can pair your shearling jackets or coats with a midi skirt or leather pants.

Shawls or Scarves


You can embrace the beauty of warm shawls by styling them with some grace and warmth. So, one of the best ways to put on the shawl elegantly is by draping it on the shoulders. However, for the modern look, you can pair it with a perfectly fitted turtleneck shirt and jeans. However, here you can also use a woolen scarf around your neck over the pant shirt to feel coziness. 

Indian Jackets and Capes

Indian Jackets and Capes

There are a lot of varieties of Indian jackets and shawls that you can have in your winter wardrobe according to your choice. These outfits give a blended look of traditional and contemporary fashion. So, different types of trendy Indian Jackets and capes with which you can rock in winter are the following.

  • Embroidered Silk jacket, Kashmiri Woolen Shawl Jacket, Rajasthani cape with mirror work, long capes with palazzos, North Indian Quilted Jacket, Bengali Kantha Jacket, Embellished leather jacket, Shawl Collared Blazer

Winter Blouses and Traditional Indian Tops

Brobade Fabric

Saree is mostly used in India as a daily wear and formal dress. So, in winter, the woolen blouses crafted from Chanderi Fabric give elegance to the complete outfit. Similarly, Brocade Fabrics and Traditional tops embellished with beautiful and unique motifs add extra beauty. The outfits made of these fabrics have some shine and warmth making them perfect to make a dress for winter events. 

Other than this, a Chanderi layered kurta with the Brocade jacket is the perfect combination of coziness and style. 

Statement Jewelry

Jewelry adds extra charm and style to your beautiful dress. So, for a perfect look, perfectly matched jewelry is mandatory. However, this season, the bold and big jewelry, statement jewelry, is in trend. So, you can enhance your look by wearing some statement jewelry pieces. Statement Jewelry can enhance the charm of your simple dress. So, you can complete your look with some beautiful trendy statement jewelry. Here is a thing to consider: choose the jewelry pieces very wisely. However, we have a complete article on the types of statement jewelry, so you can visit our website for the complete details.


Over time, fashion trends change and people, especially the younger generation, follow the trends for a modern and stylish look. So, in the race for the latest trends, sometimes we ignore our traditional dresses and fashion. So, here we have discussed how you can dress up your traditional dresses in a modern and classy way. Above we talked about Indian Fashion Trends for Winter that have a mixture of traditional and modern attire. In India, there are a lot of cultures and each culture represents its history through its living style. So, most Indian Fashion designers prefer to design outfits that are the perfect example of a blend of tradition and modernism. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you and now you will have an idea of how to update your wardrobe this winter according to the latest trends. Usually, we have a lot of clothes but don’t know how to use them for a great appearance. So, it is important to know about the fashion and latest trends to make your personality beautiful and elegant. That’s all for today’s topic, Indian Fashion Trends for Winter. You can keep visiting our website for the latest updates.



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