Cultural Indian Dress Trends

Cultural Indian Dress Trends

Do you want to know about Indian Culture and the dresses that represent that culture? So, now you will get detailed information about the Indian traditional outfits associated with different cultures. At the same time, we will also discuss the Cultural Indian dress trends with some modern touch to make the attire stylish. So, after reading this article, you will have information regarding the different types of Indian Cultural or traditional dresses that are in trend.

India has a huge population belonging to different regions and states. Each region has its own background, and history that is reflected by the people’s lifestyle, dresses, and food. Every region has its specialty and is known for that. In short, there are vast and various cultures in India. However, here we will talk about the Cultural Indian dress trends. So, let’s start our discussion on beautiful and mesmerizing Indian Traditional and cultural dresses.

Indian Cultural dresses

The cultural dresses represent the richness of the heritage of the country. However, citizens love to wear traditional outfits for various events such as weddings, religious events, etc. Now, we will discuss different types of Indian traditional dresses that you can choose for various functions. So, let’s start our topic, Cultural Indian dress trends, without any delay.

  • Sarees


The saree is the most used traditional outfit in India. Women of all ages love to wear sarees at various functions as this attire is known as one of the most elegant and beautiful attires. A saree is a long piece of clothing that you can drape around your body in different styles. Different types of draping can change the complete style of the saree. However, you can wear a saree of different fabrics such as silk, chiffon, velvet, or cotton depending on the event and weather. 

  • Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli is also a traditional outfit popular among the people of northern and western regions of India. Lehnga is a Long Skirt that you can pair up with a small blouse, Choli. However, a dupatta is also a part of the lehenga choli that completes the whole dress. This outfit is perfect for weddings, and cultural events. For the brides, lehenga choli is heavily embellished with embroidery, beads, and mirror work. However, the dupatta also has beautifully embellished borders.

  • Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez is a cultural outfit mostly worn by the northern region people. The kameez is a long tunic paired with loose-fitted pants called a Shalwar. The dupatta is also a part of Shalwar Kameez that is used to cover the head or to put it in the shoulders.  

  • Dhoti Kurta

For men, the dhoti kurta is a traditional outfit mostly worn by the people of the north and south regions of the country, India. Dhoti is a long unstitched piece of cloth that people wrap around the waist to cover the legs. 

  • Kurti and Patiala Salwar

Kurti and Patiala Shalwar

This is a traditional attire for women having a short tunic, Kurti, and loose-fitted layered pants called Patiala Salwar. In India, the women of different regions wear this attire differently according to their culture. 

  • Sherwani


Sherwani is a men’s attire that they can wear at weddings, formal events, etc. Sherwani is a long Jacket having different types of embroidery or motifs. However, there are various fabrics that could be used to make sherwani depending on the occasion. However, men wear sherwani over the Salwar Kameez. 


Accessories are an integral part of Indian dress that plays a very important role in creating a whole look. There are many kinds of Indian Traditional Accessories such as Bangles, Earrings, Necklaces,  Nose Pins/Nose rings, Anklets, and a Bindi (a small jewelry piece or a mark between the forehead of Indian women). Bindi is mostly used by women on a daily basis as it is considered a mandatory part of an outfit, especially for married women in some regions. However, the size of the bindi could be small, just like a dot big enough to cover the whole area between the eyebrows on the Forehead. However, there are many types of traditional jewelry that women love to wear with their dresses.

Regional Variations in Indian Dresses

Above we talked about Cultural Indian dress trends commonly used by the Indian people. However, with some regional variations in the same type of outfits, the whole look changed showing the local culture and traditions. For example, the style of salwar kameez is different. In some regions, women wear long kameez with loose salwar; however, in other areas, there is a slight change in the cutting and design giving it a different shape. Similarly, the draping of the saree differs from region to region. 

Contemporary Indian Dresses Fashion Trend

These days, contemporary Fashion trends are popular that show the fusion of traditional and modern designs of the dresses. It is a way to keep traditional and cultural values alive in this modern world with some little variation according to modern dressing trends. So, designers do experiments to design beautiful and unique dresses designs giving a traditional vibe. So, the fusion of modern and traditional designs is the best idea and  Indian people love to wear contemporary dresses. 


Now, it’s time to wrap up the whole discussion. As we know there are different kinds of cultures in India. So, cultural dresses are one of the ways to represent the history and heritage of the specified region. At the same time, the different kinds of cultural dress also show that India is a country of rich cultures and diversity. So, here we talked about the Cultural Indian dress trends. However, over time, the dressing sense and fashion trends have been evolving. So, now designers design dresses by following contemporary fashion trends that are the fusion of traditional and modern designs and styles. Hopefully, you have gotten a lot of information and details about the Cultural Indian dress trends. Other than this, we also have some relevant articles on Indian Fashion on our website, So, you can visit us anytime for the latest updates on the fashion trends.



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