Cultural Jewellery Fashion Pakistan

Cultural Jewellery Fashion Pakistan

Pakistan has a vast culture and each culture has its beauty in terms of history, heritage, and living style. We can say that each culture has its specialty regarding dresses, jewelry, food, etc. So, here we will talk about the Cultural Jewellery Fashion Pakistan. Pakistani traditional jewelry has a wide range of variety including precious gemstones embedded in silver or gold. So, you will find a variety of unique and interesting designs of Pakistani jewelry. Usually, these traditional and cultural jewelry are handcrafted by the experts, this thing is considered most valuable. Now, let’s discuss different kinds of Cultural Jewellery Fashion Pakistan that you can wear on different occasions to slay. 

Types of Cultural Pakistani Jewelry

Below are different types of Pakistani cultural Jewelry that the people of different regions love to wear to represent the culture. 

Pakistani Jewelry Designs

Pakistani Jewelry is a mixture of Traditional and modern designs making it very beautiful and unique. Among Pakistani Jewelry, Bridal jewelry is quite popular having a complete set including a choker, Mala, Earrings, headpiece (Jhoomer), and nosering. There are different designs of the jewelry with the beads, gemstones, etc., 

Generally, Pakistani jewelry is made of Gold, silver, and copper. However, if we talk about the jewelry design, they could be filigree work, enamling, and Meenakari jewelry. Women love to wear traditional Pakistani jewelry at wedding events with fancy dresses. However, Pakistani Jewelry is popular as it has a fusion of modernism and traditional designs.

Pakistani Ethnic Earrings

Ethnic Earrings

Pakistani Ethnic earrings are traditional pieces of jewelry associated with different Ethnic groups in Pakistan. Various designs of these earrings represent different cultures. However, you can get these earrings in different shapes such as ear studs, Hoops, chandeliers, etc.

For Example, Jhumkas are bell-shaped earrings and most women love to wear these at traditional events. Jhumkas are quite popular in Pakistan and India. You can get the Jhumkas in small and big sizes that could be made of gold, or silver embellished with different gemstones, mirrors etc. 

Nowadays, ethnic jewelry also comes in the fusion of traditional and latest designs to meet the requirements of modernism.

Pakistani Mehndi Event Jewelry 

Floral Jewelry

In Pakistani weddings, Mehndi is usually the first function celebrated at night. In this event, girls and brides apply Henna designs on their bodies to celebrate the event. However, for the mehndi event, females especially brides prefer to wear flower jewelry. However, that jewelry could be made of beautiful and colorful artificial or fresh flowers. Other than flower jewelry, colorful bangles with traditional dresses are also quite popular for the mehndi function.

Afghan Jewelry

Afghan Jewelry

When we are talking about cultural jewelry, it is impossible not to discuss Afghan Jewelry. As its name indicates it is a traditional jewelry in Afghanistan. However, Afghani jewelry is also popular in Pakistan. Women love this type of jewelry due to its beautiful designs and styles. So, you can wear Afghan Jewelry on different occasions. If you have a color piece of Afhsna jewelry, it can enhance the beauty of your plain dress. There are many types of Afghan Jwelery with different shapes and designs that we discussed below.

    • Kuchi Jewelry: Nomadic tribes of Afghanistan wear this kind of Afghani Jewelry. It has bold and color designs decorated with coins, beads, and other elements.
    • Lapis Lazuli Jewelry: Lapiz Lazuli is a highly-priced stone in Afghanistan that has a deep blue color. So, those jewelry pieces having this stone are known as Lapis Lazuli Jewelry. This kind of Jewelry usually has tangled designs set in Gold
    • Coral Jewelry: Coral Is also a highly-priced stone of Red color embedded in the silver set. 
  • Enamel Jewelry: in this kind of Afghani jewelry, different colors are enameled on the gold or silver set. The jewelry artist heats the enalied to fuse it with the metal for the glossy look. 


These are some kinds of Cultural Jewellery Fashion Pakistan that are quite popular and women love to wear them at different events and occasions. Cultural things have great value in people’s hearts as they represent their living style to the world. So, on the traditional and religious events, most people love to wear or carry something cultural to show their heritage and history. However, other than this, we have also some relevant articles on different kinds of Pakistani jewelry. So, you can visit our website and get updates about trendy Jewelry for various events. However, if you want to contact us for any query, so can without any hesitation. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible. 



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