Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial for Men

Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial for Men

Today, here we will talk about the hairstyle of men. Men’s hair plays an important role in their personality so it is important to have a proper haircut and hairstyle. Men can do their hair in different ways however, this article will cover the ponytail hairstyles tutorial for men. So, those males who have medium to long hair will get many ideas to make their hair properly. 

Nowadays, the trend of long hair among men is popular so they look for the relevant hairstyle. Ponytails are the most favorite and versatile hairstyle among men. When we talk about ponytails, it isn’t confined to one classic hairstyle, you can do your ponytail hairstyle in various unique ways. For the ponytail hairstyle, you don’t need any specific hair texture and length but it works for all kinds of hair. So, here we have provided you with some ideas regarding the Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial for Men that will not only keep your hair away from your face but also give you a trendy and classy look. So, to get Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial for Men, scroll your screen down and choose your favorite idea to style your hair. 

Men Ponytail Hairstyles

Below, we shared some trendy and easy hairstyles for men with long hair and looking for ponytail ideas. So let’s start.

  • Classic ponytail

Classic Ponytail

This is a simple and basic hairstyle to tie your hair simply with a hair band or rubber. For the classic ponytail, men should have at least medium-length hair. However, it is a low or mid-length hairstyle that you can create within a few seconds without the need for any special technique or hair tool. Just grab all the hair on the back of your head according to your required height and secure them with a hairband. 

  • Loose stranded Ponytail

Loose Stranted Ponytail for Men

You can tie your hair at the back in a ponytail with some loose hair strands falling on the face for a youthful appearance. This hairstyle will look like a messy and unstructured ponytail that will show the hair’s texture. You can make this hairstyle on any length but it will work best on medium-length hair. 

  • Box Braided Ponytail

Box Braid Ponytail for Men

Box braids are popular among male as this hairstyle give strength and protection to the hair. For this style, the small sections of hair are taken and braided in a square pattern. However, this hairstyle can be done on any length and thickness of the hair. After braiding all your hair, you can secure those braids into a ponytail to keep them away from your face and it will also highlight your braids. It is one of the best hairstyles for men in summer.

  • Braided Ponytail

braided Ponytail

Men’s braids have been a trendy hairstyle in recent years and give a classy and modern look. For the braided ponytail, first, tie your hair in a ponytail and then do a braid of your choice. There are different types of braids such as three-stranded (basic) braids, french braids, etc. You can create a braided ponytail hairstyle with medium to long-length hair. 

  • Dutch Side Braid Ponytail

Dutch Side Braid is one of the popular braid types that gives a raised appearance. You can create this braid on the side of the head by using the underhand braiding method. After braiding the sides of the hair, you can grab the bris into a back ponytail. This hairstyle looks very stylish, modern, and unique. It hairstyle will be best to choose to express your stylish side and stand out in the crowd. 

  • Half-up Half-Down Ponytail

Half-Up HAlf-Down Hairstyle for Men

You can get an idea about this hairstyle by its name. Yes, in this hairstyle, you tie your half hair in a ponytail, while the remaining half is open. This hairstyle looks very pretty and also secures your hair properly by keeping it away from the face. However, you can make the ponytail and bun to the front half hair. However, you can add your creativity by adding some other style to this to make it more mesmerizing.

  • Ponytail for Curly Hair

curly hair ponytail for men

If you have curly hair, then a simple ponytail will look good on them. As we know you can tie your hair in a ponytail regardless of its texture. So, curly hair gives a thicker ponytail appearance. However, you can add contrast by combing your hair back to give it a sleek appearance and applying any curl-defining cream at the back to get a great hair texture.

  • Ponytail with Korean Hairstyle

Korean Hairstyle with Ponytail for Men

Along with Korean products, Korean hairstyle is in trend among the young generation. This hairstyle gives you a handsome young man’s appearance. So, to make the Korean hairstyle ponytail, you have a haircut short at the top and longer towards the end. It will give curtain bang shapes to hair that go best with all hair textures and is a good option for all age groups. However, you have to grab some top hair and tie them in a ponytail.

  • High Ponytail

High Ponytauil for Men

For those who want to show their facial features and noticeable hairstyle, a high ponytail will be the best option for them. It will give a sleek and complete look. The high ponytail is suitable for all hair texture but if you have straight hair, the look of the ponytail will be better. The high ponytail hairstyle will be more noticeable on long hair however, you can also make it on short hair for a subtle look.


There are a lot of ways to style men’s hair by using different hairstyles according to the hair length and texture. Here we have shared some Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial for Men so males with long hair will get great ideas to do their hair properly. Ponytails are the most common and trendy hairstyle in men among all hairstyle. So, you can choose different styles of ponytails according to your choice and personality. Everyone has their own preferences regarding styling and fashion. So, some men want sleek and sophisticated hair look and others want simple, messy, or unstructured looks. Through this article, you will get all kinds of ideas. However, you can visit the beinthefashion.com website for the latest updates on best men fashion trends. 



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