Glazed Nails for Special Occasions

Glazed Nails for Special Occasions

When we talk about the latest trends regarding nails, glazed nails are one of them. These are also known as glazed donut nails that have a shimmery, shiny effect on the nails to make them beautiful. The trend of glazed nails is popular in the world and girls love to do this manicure for parties and special occasions. However, it is important to get the perfect glazed nails without any error for a beautiful look. You can visit the nail bars to get the pretty nails by the professionals. Anyhow, if you have the skills and proper tools to do the manicure at home, you can do it yourself. Here we will talk about the different types of glazed nails for special occasions. Each occasion has its own requirements so you should keep yourself ready according to that. 

Just like a beautiful dress and jewelry, having perfect nails according to the event is also important. Beautifully done nails increase the beauty of hands and add a touch of charm to your style. However, it also gives you the confidence to grab a clutch or handbag with elegance. So, now let’s discuss the various kinds of glazed nails for different occasions to you can select according to your choice and personality. 

Glazed Nail Designs

You can choose different designs for the glazed nails and show them to your pearl nail artist. So, below, you will check the different types of glazed donut nails for rock parties, events, or other special occasions. 

  • Clear glazed Nail

Clear Glazed Nails

If you want glazed nails but want to be natural, then you can achieve them. For this, you have to do your manicure to get the clean and natural nails. So, you can get the glazed nail with a clear natural effect just by using the transparent enamel and then applying a glaze layer on the top for finishing. It will give you a look of shiny natural healthy nails. So, this simple and natural manicure is perfect to attend any kind of occasion that you want. 

  • Iridescent Glazed Nails

Iridescent means pearly and lustrous, things that give you an oil slick or pearl-like shine. So, iridescent nails give an effect of shine and they reflect different colors from different angles. Anyhow, it is a risky attempt to gain the iridescent nails and glaze. Anyhow, the final result will mesmerize you and your nails will rock. In this type of manicure, the iridescent shades of nail paints combine with the glaze to get a perfect look. 

  • French Glazed Nails

French Glazed nails

Do you want a French nail manicure but with the glazed effect? So, you can get these services for French glazed nails from your nail bars. In this type of manicure, you will get classic French nails with some beautiful glaze that will make them glossy and shiny. You will definitely love this style so must try it at least once. 

  • Coral Tone Glazed Nails

Coral Tone Glzaed Nails

Nail paint of coral shades such as orange and red could go better with the glazed effect. You will get the shiny and pearly effect in the coral tones that you can use on different occasions. However, just keep in mind that your nail shades should be according to your dress and complement of overall style. With the coral glazed nails, you can attend the day and night functions as it will add brightness.

  • Ice blue Glazed NailsIce Blue Glazed Nails

Sky blue is the best color option to enhance the glazed effect on your nails. However, it is a type of pastel color manicure with a pearly glazed effect that can add elegance and sophistication to your personality. It is a safe nail design and technique that you can enjoy at any time of the year.

  • Glzaed Nails with Minimalist Designs

glazed nails with minimal designs

Besides the simple glazed nails, you can also get minimal nail designs with the glazed nail technique. For example, you can draw dots, delicate lines, or any small shapes on the nail with the glazed effect to make you super shiny and glossy. However, the only thing that should be under consideration the the colour combinations of the nail paints that are used for the design of the nails. 

Can we Do glazed Nails at Homes?

Above we have shared the different designs of the glazed nails for different occasions. Now many of you have a question can we do a glazed nail manicure at home? So, the answer is Definitely you can do it. For this, you must have some basic knowledge about the manicure, the required tools, and skills. However, if you have all the required products you can do it at home easily by following the given method below.

  • Remove the previous manicure properly and clean your nails completely.
  • Apply, base/top coat, and dry it properly under a nail lamp.
  • Apply nail paint of your favorite color or paint them according to your choice with different designs. 
  • Dry the nail paint properly before going to the next step. 
  • After that, put a layer of nail anemal and let it dry completely by using the nail lamp. 
  • Once it dries, wipe an alcohol-soaked cloth on the nails and then apply nail powder on the nails for a shiny effect. 
  • Dust the nail properly, finish your manicure with the top coat, and dry it well.
  • Enjoy your glazed nail manicure.


Here we share some designs of trendy nail designs that women around the world love to get and visit various nail bars. Yes, glazed nails are one of the most popular manicures that give a shiny, glossy, and healthy effect to your nails. There are different types of glazed nail manicures depending on the design that you want to achieve. However, before choosing any style or design for the glazed donut nails, just remember for which type of event or accessions you want to do your nails. Above, we have given some ideas regarding the glazed nail designs that you can choose according to the event. At the same time, we also provided some basic tips by following which you can do your glazed nails manicure at home. Hopefully, the articles will remain informative for you. You can visit our website,, for other relevant articles. 



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