Pakistani Bridal Dress Trends 2023

Palistani Bridal Dress Trends 2023

In Pakistan, the wedding season is at its peak, so families are busy shopping. Everyone who attends the wedding enjoys the events, but these functions are more important for the Bride, groom, and their families. For wedding events, the Bride and groom are the main focus of everyone, so they both want a unique and beautiful look according to the latest trend. This article will cover the Latest Pakistani Bridal Dress Trends in 2023.

If we talk about wedding dresses, in Pakistan, many designers sell wedding dresses in different price ranges. Each dress has a different price depending on the work and detailing of the embroidery. Every bride has a dream of wearing costly designer dresses. One of the best and pocket-friendly things is you can take ideas from the designers’ dresses and customize those dresses according to your choice. In short, you can get designer-inspired dresses within your budget. Here, we will provide some ideas to help you choose your Bridal Fancy Dresses for your Wedding. So, get details about the Pakistani Bridal Dress Trends 2023. 

Trendy Pakistani Bridal Dresses

For the Pakistani brides, there are many choices for the brides that she can select for the special day. Here, we will discuss the Pakistani Bridal Dress Trends 2023.

Short Shirt With Sharara

Bridal Sharara

Sharara is a traditional wear that you can wear with a short shirt or dress. It is a two-legged trousers that is fitted around the waist, which comes down floating. In simple words, Shararas are flared pants without any joints. It looks wonderful and gives you a traditional look. You can stitch Shararas according to your favorite colors. However, brides can wear it on Mehndi or Barat day. 

Frock with Churidar Pajama

Chuidar Pajama is ancient, and girls like to wear it with a dress. This dress is also known as Anarkali dress. Some brides choose Churidar Pajama with the dress for their wedding function. However, there are many styles for the Frock, so you can choose the best one. 

Peshwas With Lehnga

peshwas with lehnga

Peshwas is a long dress similar to the gown that can be paired with the Lehnga. This dress gives an elegant look to the bride and makes her shine. Usually, Peshwas have a length to the ankles and the lower part of lenga coming out from the bottom of the Peshwas, like a flower.  We have added some pictures so you can get an idea if you want to wear it at your wedding. 

Short Shirt With Gharara

Bridal Gharara

Just like Sharara, Gharara is also a traditional dress. It differs from Sharara in that it has a joint on the knee. Gharara is fitted with the legs from waist to knee, while loose layered trousers from knee to toe. It looks exquisite and traditional to wear Gharara at weddings with short shirts.  For the brides, the shirt and Gharara are specially designed with heavy embroidery. These days, wearing Gharara is in trend on Barat day. However, you can choose the color of your choice.  

Anghrakha Dress for Bridals

bridal Angrakha

Anghrakha is a cultural wear that is in trend nowadays with some modifications according to the modern time. It has a unique style of neck design that looks very mesmerizing. You can wear Anrakha at any event, and it will look good. Brides can select this dress for any of the three wedding events. 

Embellishment Saree

Pakistani Bridal Saree

Sarees as bridal wear are also in fashion these days, and usually, brides love to wear them. There are unique sarees for the brides with heavy embroidery or stonework. You can choose a saree for any day as it accompanies all wedding events. For the Bridals, the blouses are shiny and embroidered. However, you can select the fabric for the saree according to your choice. Many options exist, such as Organza Saree, Chiffon Saree, and Silk Saree.

Lehnga with Short Kurti

bridal lehnga

Lehnga is one of the oldest dresses associated with brides and is still in trend. Bridal Lehngas are fully embroidered and styled with a short kurti. Some designers pair up the Red Gown Lehenga For Bridal with the short Frock. But usually, a short Kurti is worn by most brides. However, everyone has their choices.


These are some Pakistani Bridal Dress Trends 2023. Other than this, there are some cultural and regional dresses that brides can also wear to represent their areas. Traditional and regional dresses look great, and they make your appearance unique. However, you can mix the modern and traditional styles to create a new design. 

Some Tips Regarding Wedding Dress

  • Here is one more thing: when you discuss wedding dress trends, you should not only give attention to the dress style but must consider dress color and fabric. While choosing the color of your dress, keep the theme of your wedding and your wedding stage color in mind. It will help you choose the best dress for your wedding. 
  • At the same time, select the fabric for your wedding dress carefully. First of all, you should consider the weather. At the same time, before buying the clothes, think once about which type of fabric will give you the look you want for your wedding. You can take suggestions from some experts regarding dress fabric. You will feel more confident if you get the dress you have thought of for a long time. So, select your fabric wisely. 
  • Select the design for your wedding dress according to your body shape. So, you can try different designs before buying anything. By exploring the design, you will know what is best for you for a beautiful look. 
  • The color combination of the bridal wear is also very important. So, choose the colors wisely for an elegant look. 

All of these things are not a matter of a single day. So, as a bride, you should prepare before the event to get the perfect wedding dress. So, this is for the day; hopefully, the article helped you a lot, and you will keep the tips in mind. However, we wish all of the bride-to-be the best of luck for the bright future. 



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