How to Do Winged Eyeliner

How to do winged eyeliner

Do you want to apply perfect winged eyeliner and look for ways to apply it perfectly? Yes, we got you. Here you will get the details about How to do Winged Eyeliner with simple methods that you can practice easily. There are a lot of ways to apply eyeliners and everyone has their preferences. At the same time, people have different eye shapes so they can apply eyeliner differently according to the shape to enhance their look. So, here we will discuss the method to apply winged eyeliners, some easy but magical tricks/tips, different eye shapes, and how to do Winged Eyeliner. So, there are a lot of things that you will know through this article, so read it till the end.

Method to apply winged eyeliner

To apply perfect eyeliner is not an impossible task. It just needs a little practice for the perfect and clean shape that we want. So, here we will share the method to do winged eyeliner in complete detail in steps. However, for your assistance, we have divided the method into three steps so that you can get the point easily even if you are a beginner. 

  • Sketch an Outline (Free Hand) (1st method)
  • Sketch an Outline with Guide (2nd/alternate method)
  • Finalize the liner look

Sketch an outline (Freehand) 

  • First of all, prep your eyes properly with the eye primer or foundation and blend it well all around the eye. 
  • Put on some makeup/eyeshadow of your choice, if you want, before applying eyeliner. It is not necessary but if you don’t want to smudge your shadow with eyeliner, then apply the eye shades first.
  • Draw a thin line on the upper eyelash with an eye pencil as the base of your winged eyeliner. Start from the inner to the outer corner and stop at the end of the lash line. If you are a beginner, you can draw thin little lines/dashes on the upper lash carefully and then join them. 
  • Measure the length of your wing so hold the pencil on the bottom lash line and point upwards diagonally. (Note: To get the perfect winged liner, you can draw a line (remove it later) from the outer edge of your nostril to the outer corner of the eyebrows). 
  • Draw a thin line as you’re considered or measured just like an extension of your upper lash line. Begin from the line you draw in, start on your upper lash line, and go upward and outward making a 45-degree angle. The length of the wing depends on your desired look. 
  • Draw another line back from the tip of the wing to the middle of the upper lash line. 
  • Fill the outline to cover the skin between two lines.
  • Thick the line at the inner corner a little bit for the perfect winged shape eyeliner.

Alternate Method: Draw an Outline with a Guide

If you are not confident or don’t have practice applying liner free-handedly, you can try it with a guide such as tape. Below is the complete method.

  • Place a tape at the corner of the eye in a way that it goes up from the outside of the nose to the corner of your eyebrows. Press the tape on the skin properly. However, if you don’t want to apply tape or have sensitive skin, you can hold a credit card or any other object at the same angle.
  • Draw a thin line from the light shade eye pencil on the upper lash line. 
  • Trace the edge of the tape with a pencil eyeliner to draw a wing according to your required length. 
  • Move backward from the tip of the wing to the upper lash line making the utter corner thicker than the inner edge. 
  • Remove the tape carefully after doing the outline. 

Finalize the winged eyeliner look

  • Before applying eyeliner on your outline, drawn with pencil, for the final look, go back and take a rest for a few minutes. After that, examine your eyeliner and work on it with a fresh mind. 
  • Apply the liquid eyeliner over the outline you traced with an eye pencil. Fill all the gaps carefully without creating a mess.
  • Wipe out the uneven edge by using the eye brush dipped in the makeup remover or through a cotton swab. You can also apply a little amount of concealer to cover the mistakes or uneven edges for the perfect and clean winged eyeliner look.
  • Let the eyeliner dry completely before applying any other makeup product such as mascara fuller lashes. 

Quick tips to get perfect winged eyeliner

Above we have explained the method to apply winged eyeliner with a complete guide. Now, here we have discussed some quick tips that will make your task easier.

  • Use Tape: If you are having trouble making the perfect wing, you can use household tape. It will give you a perfect and clean eyeliner look. (Above we have explained the complete method to apply winged eyeliner using tape).
  • Stabilize your Arm and elbow: You might think of this tip as a foolish one but it helps a lot. To get the perfect eyeliner, try to stabilize your arm and stabilize your elbow on a table. Then, look down into a tilted mirror. In this way, you can apply the liner more easily. 
  • Clean up uneven lines: Examine your eyeliner and clean all uneven edges or lines with a concealer or makeup remover.
  • Single-step Smokey eyes: If you want instant smokey eyes, you can line your eyes by using the get eyeliner pencil, and then blend it properly on the eye for the smokey, winged effect. 
  • Keep Practicing: if you are a beginner, the only thing that will help you in perfect eyeliner is practice. You can start with a pen version of eyeliner.
  • Go subtle: if you are confused then the best option for you is to choose a natural but defined winged liner. Apply gel liner on the lash line to define the eye with the help of an angle brush. 

Winged Eyeliner According to Eye Shapes

Above, we have discussed how to do winged eyeliner. Now, we will discuss the different eye shapes and how you can get a perfect winged liner by using different techniques. So, check your eye shape from the list and get a method for the winged eyeliner.

  • Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, then you perform the step, where you have to draw back from the tip of the wing to the upper lash line, with some trick. To apply winged eyeliner on the hooded eye could be trickier, but not impossible. You just need to focus and understand the trick, underwise, your wing will disappear in the folds. So, the trick is, to draw back the line towards the lash line with the open eye looking straight into the mirror. However, when you close your eyes, it will look like a bat wing.

  • Almond Shaped Eyes

According to an expert, apply winged eyeliner on the almond-shaped eyes with the thicker wing on the outermost edge and pair it with thin eyeliner. However, You can get precise winged eyeliner on almond-shaped eyes by using the Outside-in and Inside-Out techniques. 

  1. Outside-in Technique: Here, you have to draw a line from the outer upper corner to the middle of the upper lash line with an angle when you go in. Then, draw one more line beneath the wing to make a wing tip, and fill the gaps carefully.
  2. Inside-Out Technique: For this technique, start your eyeliner from the middle of the upper lash line and extend it outwards and upwards, toward the eyebrow. Then, draw another line from the tip of the wing to the lashline with an angle making a wing tip.
  • Round eyes

Do you want to make your round eyes prominent with a winged liner? Here we are to help you. So, you can pop up your eyes by drawing a line on your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. However, make a slight angle upward at the end of your lash line. However, for the natural look, try to keep your wing shorter, by stopping it till the end of your natural crease. By doing this, you will get a perfect cat-eye look. However, if you want to add some boldness, you can bring your eyeliner to the waterline. 

  • Monolid eyes

If you have a small space on the lid, then you have monolid eyes. However, you can enhance your eye shapes by lining your upper lash line with small and feathery strokes. To make a winged eyeliner on your monolid eyes, start from the inner eye corner to the outer eye corner with open eyes. Then, draw a thin liner outwards and upwards with the help of a liner tip or angled brush. Finish the look by drawing another line from the outer corner of the lower lash line and connecting it with the wing of the upper lash line. Fill the gaps carefully and enjoy your winged eyeliner on the monolid eyes gracefully.

  • Upturned eye shapes

If you have a slight upturn at the outer corner of the lashline, then you have upturned eyes. You can apply perfect winged eyeliner on upturned eyes by creating an extra graphic wing that will grab the attention towards the natural feline shape of your eyes. So, to create a perfect winged eyeliner, draw a scalene triangle on the outer corner with the upper lash line. Then, extend a leg of the triangle towards the lower lash line, fill the gaps, and make a wing. Lastly, line your upper lash line towards the inner corner and extend it to the tear duct. 

Types of Eyeliners

Above in many places, we have mentioned pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliners, etc. These are the types of eyeliners that you can use to shape your eyes in different ways. So, below, we have mentioned a few types of eyeliners and how you can use them.

  • Pencil eyeliner

The most commonly used type of eyeliner is mostly to outline the eyeliner shape. It is beginner-friendly as it is very easy to use without creating any mess. Pencil eyeliners look like school pencils so you need to sharpen them to keep their tips sharp and precise. 

  • Liquid eyeliner

You can create a bold and dramatic eye look by using liquid eyeliners as it will help you in creating well-defined lines. There are a lot of looks that you can get by using it such as winged eyes, graphic eyeliner, Egyptian eyes, cat eyes, etc. Liquid eyeliner dries fast so avoid them if you want to make smudged smokey eyes. 

  • Pen eyeliner

If you want the effect of liquid eyeliner with pencil eyeliner ease, you should get pen eyeliner. Pen eyeliners have fine tips that make it easy to draw precise lines and it is easy to use even for beginners.

  • Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is available with angled brushes and they are best friends of the makeup lover. You can use gel eyeliners not only to define your lash line but you can apply it all over the lid as an eyeshadow base or smudge it on the outer corner to create a smoky look. They have a high wax content and are waterproof.

  • Eyeshadow as eyeliner

It is a kind of eyeliner hack where you can draw the shape of the liner with the eyeshades. So, you can choose any color of your choice from the eyeshadow pallet and create an eyeliner look.


That’s all for today. This article covers a lot of information about How to do winged eyeliner perfectly. However, we tried to cover almost all the details regarding getting the perfect eyeliner according to different eye shapes. Other than this, the article also contains additional but relevant information about winged eyeliner that will surely help you a lot in getting the perfect look. So, if you haven’t read the article yet, read it once and you will surely love it. However, after reading it, please give us your feedback. We will happily listen to your constructive feedback. However, you can visit our website, for further latest updates on fashion trends.



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