Choosing the Right Combat Boot for Your Style

Choosing the Right Combat Boot for Your Style

If you are a lover of the latest fashion trends and stay tuned with all kinds of fashion trends, then this article is definitely for you. Here we will discuss one of the trendy topics on shoes, Combat Boots. So, you will get detailed information about combat boots, their purpose, and more importantly about Choosing the right combat boot for your style to look stylish and trendy. So, before discussing the choosing of combat Boots, let’s get information about them and their types. Let’s start our discussion on Combat Boots.

Combat Boots

Combat Boots are designed for the soldiers, to meet the demands of military combat and harsh field conditions. Military forces used these types of boots because they meet the required conditions such as durability, and provide protection, and support. 

However, now combat Boots have entered the fashion industry and most men and women love to wear them for a statement look. These types of boots look stylish and practical at the same time due to their chunky soles, durability, and lace-up designs. So, if you want to add a statement look, you should have at least one pair of combat boots in your shoe collection. 

Things to Consider While Choosing a Pair 

When you want to buy combat boots, you should consider a few things to get the perfect pair. First of all the material and then look for the perfect fitted shoes. So, let’s discuss why these factors are important to consider.

  • Material of Combat Boots

While choosing the combat boots, you should consider the material used in making the boots. Material plays an important role not only to check the quality but it also reflects your fashion sense. So, for quality and durability, leather material could be a classic choice. However, if you want a casual look, you can choose canvas/suede material. The only thing you must consider is that the material must be alignment with your style as well as the purpose of usage.  

However, you will also get combat boots made from synthetic and natural materials depending on their usage. For example, natural materials are best to absorb moisture and keep your feet dry, especially in wet environmental conditions. You can say that boots made from natural materials are breathable and durable. In contrast, combat boots made from synthetic materials such as Polyurethane, Vinyl, and Faux leather, could be durable and affordable. However, their durability is less than boots made from natural materials. 

  • Fitting of Boots

It is important for any kind of shoes to be perfectly fitted for comfort and look. Ill-fitted boots will easily run your whole style and make your perfect look imperfect. So, before purchasing the boots, make sure that you have checked the size and fit properly. 

Heeled and Wide-Leg Style Combat Boots

If you are curious about which kind of combat boots you could find or water, you will be happy that you can get heeled combat boots and also the ones that you can wear with wide-legged jeans. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Heeled Combat Boots

heeled combat boots

Heeled Combat Boots are the best options to add to your shoe collections for a stylish look with boots. This type of combat boots gives you a stylish look, confirm and also retain the traditional aesthetic. You can style up the heeled combat boots with any dress for the casual look as well as with the skinny jeans. 

If we talk about the style and material, you will get a lot of options in heeled combat boots. However, many heeled combat boots have padded insoles that can absorb shocks and give comfort. 

  • Combat Boots for Wide-Legged Jeans

A lot of people have a question in their mind can we wear combat boots with Wide-legged jeans? So the answer is yes, you can wear combat boots with any kind of jeans. The thing you should keep in mind is to choose the right style of boots according to the jeans. Below, we have discussed the different kinds of looks that you can create for different occasions. So, to get some tips about  Choosing the right combat boot for your style, go down. 

Choosing Combat Boot for Your Style

Below, we have discussed how to pair up combat boots with your outfits in daily life for different occasions. You will get an idea of how to style up combat boots in a casual way, for offices, and any event. In short, at the end of the discussion, you will be able to choose the right combat boot for your style.

  • For Everyday (Casual Look)

For a casual look, you can wear combat boots with jeans or a dress. As mentioned above, you can wear combat boots with any kind of jeans, skinny or relaxed ones. So, you can tuck the jeans in your boots for the sleek and perfect combination. However, for a casual look, you can choose a tee and leather jacket. 

At the same time, females can also wear boots with their everyday dresses as it will reflect a feminine urge. This contrast of delicate & graceful fabric with rugged boots creates a mesmerizing combination. 

  • Combat Boots with Street Style Fashion

If you want to get a street-style look with combat boots, you can easily adapt it to slay. Here we will discuss two looks, one with a leather jacket and another with a mixture of prints & textures. 

Leather Jackets and combat boots are the perfect combination to make you stand out. You can pair it up with black skinny jeans.

However, the other street style looks you can create by using different textures and prints/patterns. For example, plaid skirts, cameo pants, or ripped jeans would be a perfect match with combat boots. The only thing you should keep in mind is the balance of outfits, overall. 

  • For office look

If you want to add combat boots to your collection for the office, you can do it. To elevate your professional look, you can add black combat boots to your wardrobe. You can not only use them in the office but they will be a perfect option for evening outings. As we mentioned, combat boots are office-friendly. So, you can wear them with a white shirt, Blazer, and tailored trousers. 

  • Combat Boots for Formal Occasions

It might be surprising, but you can use combat boots with your formal dresses to elevate your stylish look. Females can get a mesmerizing look by wearing long dresses with combat boots. However, to complement the look, try to wear some statement jewelry. 

At the same time, men can also infuse combat boots into their formal look. For example, you can add a twist to traditional menswear by wearing combat boots with a tailored suit.

  • Combat Boots for Outdoor Activities

Combat boots will be the best option to wear for outdoor activities, especially for hiking or camping. The boots will not only give you a stylish look but also comfort and relaxation for your feet. So, due to their durability and strength, combat boots could be perfect for adventurous trips. 

Maintenance of Combat Boots

If you want your combat boots to look great even after many uses, then you should take care of them properly. Below are some tips to keep the combat boots safe for longer times.

  • Clean the combat boots properly after every use. Clean them with damped clothes to remove all dirt properly. Purchase the best leather conditioners to keep your boots safe for a long time. 
  • Try to keep combat boots in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. To maintain the shapes of the boots, use shoe trees to store them. 


Today, we have discussed the Choosing Right Combat Boot for your style with great detail. Now, combat boots are not only for military uses but also included in the fashion industry. So, men and women can elevate their looks by wearing combat boots on different occasions. We have discussed the things/parameters while choosing the combat boots, so read them carefully and style up your look properly.



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