12 most expensive diamonds in the world

Expensive Diamonds in the World

Diamonds are the biggest gift of any girl. These are the most precious thing and are the most expensive item in the world. Such gems are a symbol of luxury and prestige. There are different precious gemstones that people use for centuries. The royal family has the precious diamonds of all eras. Other expensive diamonds in the world have some precious history linked with diamonds. Here you can get information about the 12 most expensive diamonds in the world.

The value of all diamonds is measured with the four Cs, including the carat, cut, and clarity factor. Different diamonds are present and the most precious and expensive gems by the American Gem Society. There are world-famous diam. Different colors are available in the diamonds, including pink and blue diamonds. These diamond are used to make expensive jewelry in the World.

Be in the fashion gives you the featured 12 most expensive diamonds in the world. The most precious and expansive with their specialty and occurrence are discussed here.

12 Expensive Diamonds| Complete Information

Diamonds are the most expensive and sought-after gems in the world. Diamonds come in different sizes. Shapes and prices have more worth than the other gems in the world. The stones in diamonds are very expensive, and they have high-end values.

1. Pink Star

Pink Star is the most expensive diamond; its total worth is around $71.2 million. It’s a 59.60-carat pink diamond sold at the Sotheby aution in November 2017 for around $741.2 million.

Pink Star

2. Oppenheimer Blue

The second most expensive diamond is oppenheimer blue. It’s the most costly diamond, with a total worth of around $50.6 million. It’s about 14.62-carat fancy vivid diamond sold in Geneve May 2016 for a record-breaking price of approximately $50.6 million. The diamond is the world’s most precious and finest diamond.

Blue Diamond

3. Pink Promise

The other precious diamond that comes in the list of the most expensive diamond in the world is Pink Promise. The net worth of the pink promise is around $32 million. The pink promise is around 16.08-carat intense pink diamond. In November 2018, the pink diamond sold for around $32 million. The diamond is the most beautiful and expensive, weighing around 31 carats. It took out  in South Africa.

4. Winston Blue

The other most expansive diamond on the list is Winston Blue. It is one of the largest and most valuable diamonds with exceptional qualities. It is rich and has valuable worth in the history of diamonds. The total worth of the diamond in November 2014 was $23.7 million, and sold at Christie Geneva.

5. Lesotho Promise

The total worth of this is around $12.4 million. The diamond has a worth of around $12. It is the largest rough diamond discovered in the 21st century and sold at Antwero world Diamond center in 2006. The diamond named after the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa. It was discovered in Southern Africa.

6. The Graff Pink

The total cost of graff pink is around $46 million and estimated as a 24.78-carat fancy intense pink diamond. It  sell price at Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2010 was about $46 million. The diamond is the finest pink diamond and  cut from a rough diamond that weighed over 50 carats. It mined in South Africa.

7. The Moussaieff Red

The next precious diamond in the list of most expensive diamonds in the world in 2023 is Moussaieff red. The stone sold at the Sotheby auction in June 2011 for about $20 million. The diamond is the most valuable in the world. It’s the most expensive rich in quality, and rich in colors.

8. Kohi Noor Expensive Diamond

Kohi Noor is the most expensive gem known as the Mountain of light. The gem is a world-famous priceless diamond with a total weight of around 793 carats. The gem is over the centuries and is present as a 105.6-carat gem.

The diamond was in the Kataiya dynasty in possession of the Mughals. Since the 19th century, the British royal family has been in possession. In 2002, the diamond had a last view for people. It’s the most beautiful diamond in the world.

Kohi Noor Diamond

9. Cullinan

The other expensive diamond in the list of most expensive diamonds in the world is Cullinan. The original weight of the diamond is around 3106 carats. The largest rough diamond in history. The total collection of diamonds is about 105 gems. The diamond is the most significant diamond in eh world, and the estimated amount is around USD 400 million in the market.

10. Sancy Diamond

Loure currently owns the Sancy Diamond. The diamond came in 1978. The Sancy diamond has no defined price and is a priceless diamond with no history or cultural significance.

11. Golden Jubilee

The Golden jubilee weighs around 19.13 g. The expensive diamond with the largest cut and has the finest shape in the world. The diamond has an unusual brown color which is golden hue. It originally mined out in South Africa around 1985.

Expensive Diamond in the World

12. Williamson Pink Star

The other most expensive diamond with some historical importance is Williamson Pink Star. It sold in Hong Kong for about USD 57.7 million. The per-carat price of the diamond  more than USD 5 million, and it sold for around USD 2.6 million in 2018. According to the research, the mine produced bubblegum pink over the years.

Williamson Pink Expensive Diamond


The article is linked with information about the 12 most expensive diamonds in the world. Expensive diamonds have their history and importance in the world’s costly gems.

The value of special diamonds can never be denied, and history shows its importance.




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