10 Most Expensive Jewelry in the World

Expensive Jewelry

Jewelry is the most important thing for all cultures and civilizations. There are different areas where they have significant importance and diverse cultures. Jewelry has a substantial role in the beauty of every woman. There are many fashion trends, and there are 10 most expensive jewelry in the World whose worth is very important.

Jewelry is timeless precious art that has its value and existence. The jewelry is the symbol of wealth, power, and status. Many pieces of jewelry have been created and used in different expensive ornaments. From diamonds to pearls and from gold to emeralds, the jewelry items have their luxury and beauty.

Be in the fashion is like a platform where you can find expensive jewelry brands. The brands have different featured ornaments. You can have a detailed review of the featured ornaments over here.

10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands| Latest Updates

Jewelry has always shown a great role in the family. History indicates jewelry’s importance in every event, including important anniversaries, celebrations, and memorable dinners. Expensive jewelry items are always a feature of beauty for ladies.

On any occasion, the most lovable and lavish sensation is the exchange of jewelry products. Jewellery adds a beauty segment to your dress, no matter how beautiful your outfit is. Let’s have a look over the expensive jewelry items.

Heritage in Blue

The heritage in blue is worth around $200 million. Chinese master craftsman Wallace designs the jewelry. In this, almost 383.4 carats of precious stones are used, and the necklace has 600 pink diamonds.

Heritage In Blue Jewelry

Peacock Brooch

The peacock brooch has a total worth of around $100 million for its precious stones, weighing around 20.02 carats. The real gemstones included in it are around 1305, including different stones everywhere with white, yellow, pink, orange, and green diamonds.

Lesotho Promise Diamond

The price of Lesotho promise diamond is around $12.4 million discovered in the Lesotho mine in Southern Africa. The diamond is known for its clarity and its largest pure design. The diamond has a unique shape, and it has stunning clarity. Its among the expensive diamonds in the world.

Diamond Jewelry

Bluegari Blue Diamond

The next most expensive jewelry among expensive jewelry brands is the bulgari blue diamond. The total cost is around 10.95 carat, with a selling price of around $15.7 million. The diamond is the most valuable in the World. This expensive diamond makes jewelry items that look much more expensive.

Incomparable Diamond Necklace

The World’s most expensive jewelry necklace is incomparable. It has extra valuable beauty and has the largest internally flawless diamonds. The diamond has a total worth of around 230 carats and is the most stunning piece Of jewelry.

Incomaprable Jewelry

The Orange

The orange is the other addition to the expensive jewelry items, and its total worth is around $36 million. Sold in 2013 at Christie Geneve and is the most vibrant diamond ever. The estimated worth is around $35.5 million, and it has a record-breaking offer.

Pink Star Diamond

The Pink star diamond’s total cost was around $ 71.2 million in November 2017. The pink star with vibrant and radiant colors is the World’s most rare and valuable diamond. The pink star diamond is the rarest diamond with its elegant look and stunning color.

Pink Promise Diamond

Pink Promise diamond is around the 14.93-carat diamond and had a total worth of around $32 million in November 2017. It’s the World’s rarest and most beautiful jewelry item with its worth and color. The stone’s color is around intense Pink, sold in an auction in Hong Kong.

The Zoe

The other precious diamond on the list is the Zoe diamond, considered the World’s deep blue diamond. The total price is $32.6 million. The 9.75-carat diamond is worthy enough to make the most expensive jewelry.


Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

The total price of this diamond with the worth of around $50.6 million. It’s the most stunning diamond and was sold everywhere in May 2016. The diamond is considered the rare diamond in the World and has intense blue color with its beauty.


There are 10 most expensive jewelry in the World that have detailed historical value. The jewelry items best suit expensive outfits. Gold and jewels are always a sign of richness and elegant jewelry symbols. The jewelry items are a symbol of history and have worth

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