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Makeup artist plays the best role in enhancing the beauty of the individual for a special day. The makeup changes the overall look of the person at the special event. In Pakistan, the makeup industry is flourishing with the perfect makeup artists that have changed the overall image of makeup. The makeup industry has grown much in recent years and has given talented professional makeup artist in pakistan.

Pakistan’s fashion industry is changing and giving more opportunities to makeup artists to showcase their talent on different occasions. The bridal campaign, the fashion events, and much more provide makeup artists with a new platform to come up with talent. There are numerous social media platforms where emerging talent can be seen.

Be in the fashion gives the list of the top-ranked makeup artists who have made their names in the fashion industry. Such names have extraordinary makeup skills for exploring a person’s inner beauty.

Top 5 Emerging Makeup Artists in Pakistan

Every girl wants a perfect look for her big day. One of the most important things for a special day is your look and style. When planning a big event, your eyes must match the outfit and occasion. It’s better to look for an amazing makeup artist that can make a perfect look for your wedding.

With the increasing demand for the perfect look of the day, there is the best makeup artist in the fashion industry who has shared incredible makeup services. Let’s have a look over them.


Nabeela is the name of beauty and fashion. She has been recognized internationally and awarded the best makeup artist icon. The beauty salon in three big cities in Pakistan. She is better known for her haircut, makeup, and hair styling. The services are outstanding, and celebrities in the industry have been amazed by the best makeup service of Nabila. She has showcased her services to top models in Pakistan.

Makeup Artist Nabeela

Maryeum Khawaja

The other name on the list of top makeup artists is Maryem Khawaja. She is an emerging talent in the makeup industry. Her salon started in 2007 and is famous for her best bridal makeup services. The salon comes in the top recognized place in Lahore. Her services include the best hair styling, the makeup services. Her makeup shows the magic in her hands.

Makeup Artist Maryeum Khawaja

Qasim Liaquat

The best-recognized person in the fashion industry is Qasim Liaquat. His name is among the top makeup artists for her best makeup services. The winner of the best Hair and Makeup artist at the Lux Style Awards. His career made a great step in the makeup and fashion industry. He has shown her talent to top models in Pakistan.

Makeup Artist Qasim Liaquat
Makeup Artist in Pakistan

Zarpash Khan

The other prominent makeup artist is Zarpash khan. She has her own unique and creative approach to makeup. She knows how to add magical beauty. Her Instagram and social media pages are full of talented makeup tutorials. She has worked with high-profile clients and given a name in the fashion industry.

Makeup Artist Zarpash Khan

Hifsa Khan

you all might be familiar with Hifsa khan salon in Lahore. If not, then her name is well known now in the fashion industry. She provides flawless makeup looks for brides and models. Her social media pages show her makeup talent. She uses high-quality products and adds quality detail to every look. Celebrities are approaching her makeup for extraordinarily talented makeup skills.


Makeup Artist in PakistanThe makeup industry in Paksitan is flourishing, and individuals are coming with talent and professional makeup services. The demand for quality makeup is increasing, and in the future, there will be more talented.

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